Going to Wellington, Ocala, have place in Bedford, North Salem, Mt Kisco?

I am looking for short term housing (Feb 1 through April 15th, approximately), to see if I’m ready to give up my New York City apartment and move to horse country. Mature Ivy-educated professional, excellent credit and best local references. All thoughts and ideas appreciated. TIA!

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Hi, is there a way to chat privately? I may know of something.

absolutely! You can reach me at jennifersmyers3248@gmail.com or by text at 646-204-9333,

Look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer Myers

For winter rentals, you may have better luck trying to go a touch earlier, as a lot of them will want them rented for season: Jan 15-April 15. There’s a bunch of facebook pages offering winter housing options, though, at this point, you’re at the “had a cancellation/last minute” scramble, as many of the good spots are taken up spring/summer prior.
If you’re seriously considering going south permanently, you’re going to want to visit south FL in July/August to see if you can stand the heat/humidity/monsoon season. It’s much different than mid-Atlantic/New England summer, so prepare yourself.
As for moving to Westchester, the things to consider are… do you have a car? do you want to have one? Bc moving to the burbs requires wheels. Are you ok commuting on Metro North or do you love the convenience of a hop/skip/jump to everything? Those are the big factors.
I did a few years ago and moved westward for a few years and now I’m south. You are conditioned in NYC Metro to believe that nowhere else will compare to it. Spoiler alert: I still love visiting, but I don’t miss living there. Many have also shared my sentiments.

Thanks so much,TSS, I ve actually been over nyc for quite some time—my ex was in hunterdon county and
I once I got more into horses I realized it was just crazy to pay to garage a car, live on the upper east side, etc,just to leave every single weekend. . Only the completely dreadful commuting options from New Jersey kept me in the city, lol. When the pandemic started I was living with my significant other in lower westchester, and I just stayed. So yes, I know westchester, but I’ve never lived alone there. Subleasing from someone heading south is a way of trying on a different life —I still have my ny apartment and it’s been easy to sublet. But the thrill of new restaurants, parties downtown etc, is gone, I d rather ride! I do have friends who have moved to Wellington and love it; unfortunately I absolutely loathe hot weather so that’s not for me, even with no state taxes! I think most people outgrow nyc , whether because they have kids ( I dont) or because their lives move on as mine has! Thanks for your thoughts!