Goldhills Most Wanted babies?

Does anyone know the pony stallion Goldhills Most Wanted? He’s a section B welsh.

I haven’t had any first-hand experience with any of his babies. Does anyone know if he tends to make kid-friendly ponies with good brains? I like to keep track of the nice pony lines but I’ll take brains over movement any day of the week.

(figured people in the breeding world might have better knowledge but I’m more interested in the babies already on the ground than breeding to him just fyi)

I’d suggest you contact the breeder. She’s very straightforward and honest. I’ve kept a watch of his get and their standings and it certainly appears that they have good brains or at least are very tractable and relatively easy to train. Of course the ones I’m aware of are hitting the shows. I can’t speak to those that aren’t getting show mileage. He’s been around long enough that if there were a significant consistent issue, you’ll easily dig it up, but I get the strong feeling that he’s simply a good producer.