Good Boarding Facilities for Dressage Near Columbus

Hey everyone, I could really use some advice. I’m a sophomore at OSU and I really need to get back into lessons with my horse. I’m looking to leave the barn I’m currently at and find better accommodations, hopefully somewhere where there’s a dressage trainer or at least someone who travels there. The barn does’t have to be super fancy, as long as my horse gets turned out daily, weather permitting, and there are other people around. I have some confidence issues I’m struggling with, and many of them stemmed from being virtually alone at a barn last year. I was always riding by myself. My horse is naturally flighty, so every time he looks at something I tense up and everything goes downhill. So basically, I need to be somewhere where I can ride with other people. Even if the barn is smaller, as long as there is at least one person there riding during the late afternoon/evening, it’s fine. If the barn doesn’t have a trainer that works there that’s fine too, as long as they allow trainers to be brought in.
So, in general: I’m looking for a barn that I can take dressage lessons at that has lots of people there. I’m not looking to spend more than 600 a month, since I need to account for lessons.
I found one barn that I liked that my friend is at, but the only stall they have available is 10x10, and I’d be in a separate, smaller barn. It’s not my favorite option, but it’s at least an option.
At this point I’m open to everything. The barn I’m at right now doesn’t even clean the stalls some days. I’m paying for them to, but they just… don’t.

renee peters in johnstown maybe?

PM sent

I’ll keep her in mind; the barn she’s at looks great but it might be a tad far away for me.

renee peters in johnstown maybe?[/QUOTE]

I’ll keep her in mind, thank you. The facility she’s at looks very nice but it might be a tad too far away.