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Good books for a rider trying to get her coaching license?

As I’m going into Outdoor Recreation for my university degree I figured that during my gap year it might be a good plan to finally get my Equine Canada coaching license! I figure that I’ve been riding for quite a while and if I can prove that I can achieve the rider levels necessary then I must be doing something right to just even be able to teach the most beginner of beginners right?(I’m not going for hard core show coach or anything but if it can help me pick up a job at barn or heck, even a tack store while I’m in uni then I’ll be happy! I don’t want to work in a restaurant anymore.)

Along with this I also just generally like to read books with good riding exercises(with jumps or without, I love me some dressage exercises!), veterinary skills, groundwork(not necessarily NH though and certainly not Parelli), rider psychology or anything else that might help if some sort of situation arises or I’m stuck in a rut with my own horse.

Currently some books I’m looking at getting:

  • AEF Rider Level manuals(of course. They'll probably be the thing that really gets me going on the coaching part of this)
  • Modern Gymnastics by Jimmy Wofford
  • Pretty much any book by George Morris

tl;dr- What books have helped you along your path to becoming better riders, horsepeople or maybe even the same as me, getting your coaching certification?

My main two books that changed my life (Dressage)

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider - Alois Podhajsky
Dressage as Art in Competition - John Winnet

In my down time I love to read my Equine Veterinarian Encyclopedia (I always was taught and now say, you must know the horse completely to be able to train and ride)