Good Farriers in north Alabama

I moved to northeast Alabama a while ago, and I am interested in finding a farrier who is experienced, knowledgeable and capable of shoeing dressage horses and how we want their feet balanced for (FEI level, although yes, I know that ALL levels should be balanced the same way) serious dressage training. :winkgrin:

Please, if you recommend someone, tell me WHY you are happy with their work specifically.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations. I would consider anyone in the North Alabama, North Georgia, or Southeast Tennessee area, and I don’t mind trailering to meet them once every 5 weeks.

You might ask Debbie Hill who she uses. She is in the Huntsville area.

Thank you for your quick reply, Down Yonder. I do know Debbie, and I will certainly ask her. In the meantime, I would like to do a bit of research on options.
Testimonials are always helpful, especially when they are supported by specific aspects of performance.

Russell Colvin is awesome, he is in the Birminham area but he might work up near you.
He is a nice guy also so maybe he could give you some names

I know it’s probably too far to drive, but I know two very good farriers in the Auburn area. Let me know if you happen to be interested.

Thank you for your replies! Can you tell me why you like working with them? You can reply in private if you want. I am looking for information about their techniques and philosophies…and no, I am not looking for a “barefoot farrier”…I want to find someone who understands balancing the foot in the shoe, and is not a prima-donna; in other words, one who understands that a dressage horse must have a team, and each member of that team (vet, farrier, trainer, owner, dentist, chiro, massage, etc.) MUST work together and have respect for one another. I also want a farrier who understands that they (like all of us) must engage in continuing education in their craft to be of service to their customers. That is a rare set of qualities, I know, but I am sure that there are farriers out there who fit this bill! And the first step towards finding one must be through testimonials from their own customers. :wink:

Have you asked your vet?