Good Hot Weather Clothing, Not Too Expensive

I live in texas, and it’s already beginning to warm right up after that cold snap, went to the barn and it was eighty degrees today. I recently consigned some of my breeches and have empty space but not a ton of extra cash! I need some recommendations for some summer/warm spring breeches/outfits!

I like Kastel shirts. They’re nice and light. While they aren’t cheap, I’ve got three that have lasted 3-4 years now, with near constant use.

Call me crazy, but not a fan of the techy fabrics. I think some smell funny, some are just not that cool. And I dont like clingy things when its hot. Some are too fitted…Prefer a good old cotton polo shirt (i’m in Florida). Recently bought a pair of Irideon Issential tights on sale at Smart Pak. Think they will be pretty good. They have fake suede, not the silicone stuff which I also do not like.

I’ll see if I can catch some on sale!

Ocala here, hot and humid. I survive using:
Technical tank tops from WatMart (Avia) or TJ Maxx (Athletic section). Golf shirts from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Stay away from cotton.
Technical breeches. I liked the tights from Horze last summer ($89) but the silicon dots fell off too quick. But their Grand Prix breeches is pretty nice if you can get the tech fabric and a good color.
Light colored helmet (I have a UVEX but they dont make a light one any more. TIpperary and Troxel do)

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Another Florida girl here - started to really feel the heat this weekend as well!

I always wear a long sleeve sunshirt so I don’t have to worry about applying and re-applying sunscreen, and in the evenings it protects me from the bugs! I’ve only tried two brands, the Piper Smartpak brand (which is more comfortable and comes in better colors, but seems to stain easier) and the Equinavia/Horze Trisha sunshirts (seems to be the cheapest sunshirt option, but not as comfortable).

My favorite breeches are the Kerrits Ice Fil riding tights. They are the most comfortable fabric, breathable, come in cute colors, and have large phone pockets on the outer thigh. I also have some Equinavia/Horze brand riding pants which are a little more flattering and more professional looking, but not quite as comfortable and the pockets are useless.

I especially dislike having seams that run down the back of the knee, after wearing for a few hours I get really bad rubs, especially in the heat. All of the Equinavia riding pants seem to have these, but the Kerrits Ice Fil riding tights do not.

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Some technical fabrics are really finicky about the type of detergent & washing method, ime. I have an aversion to the scent of Tide Sport from jiu jitsu. Everyone washes their gis in it. Takes out the sweat funk that nothing else does. However, when someone starts sweating into their gi & the smell mixes with the Tide Sport perfume? Ugggggghhhhhh!

uvex are nice. I am looking for a new helmet, maybe I’ll look into it

i prefer loose fitting more dense cotton because of the flies…deerflies specifically in the Spring, but once summer gets rolling, i’ll often wear a second layer because of horseflies.

Kerrits Ice Fil shirts and tights


the tights are cooler… but in my experience, slick as snot - might as well have no silicone. I gave mine away last year.

Kerrits Ice Fil tights for schooling. The Dover Dalton breeches for shows and clinics. I like technical polo shirts from Nike or Adidas. The ones designed for golf and tennis usually work well for me and look pretty nice.

If you can ride without the stick factor on your breeches, I highly recommend ododos yoga pants for riding. They have deep side pockets for your phone, high waisted and cool in the heat. Amazon, $20!

I wear technical fabric shirts all summer long. And yes, that fabric can get a funk to it after a while, but adding borax to the washing machine does a great job of cleaning and deodorizing. I’ve not had any issues since I started using it.


My favorite. Some even look like show shirts, and I have several that are smart enough for clinics with a coordinating pad.

This year I splurged on some long sleeve sun shirts. Riding Warehouse has several on sale for reasonable prices (the San Soleil brand mostly).

I really like the tights Noble outfitters makes. As much as I would like to like Kerrits, they don’t work for me. Last pair I bought were worn once & then hauled in to the consignment store.