Good Kid horse show prizes?

Running an online horse show in July. It has a lead line/assisted riding division. There will be flat ribbons for placings in each class (there are five), and fancy specialty ribbon for everyone who does the entire division, and a champion and a reserve. I need prize ideas though! Last year I did an activity/colouring book made by a local artist, so thinking along those lines. Must be mailable. I also want a prize idea if the champion or reserve is an “assisted rider” who isn’t a kid… I don’t have kids, so I have no idea. I like something that is a game/activity though?

Gift card to Dunkin/Starbucks? I remember how excited I would get as a kid when I got $5 to go spend on a donut and would have to get my mother to drive me there to get it.

Coloring book is a good idea. There are horsey coloring books that are nice and complex enough not to be insulting to an adult.