Good sports bras?

I have been struggling with my bra straps falling down, and am looking for suggestions on a good bra. I’m average sized (36c), but my regular bra straps fall down, and sports bras tend to rub under my armpit. I tried a convertible bra strap bra, but that cut in too. Any suggestions? Thanks

Triumph Tri-Action is my absolute favourite, I have more than 20 of them. I use the non-shaped, non-wired racerback ones. They don’t cup, they press flat. They’re high-impact, so I can ride or gym or run with them. Not sure how they would work for a C cup, but worth a try.

They also have shaped and underwire options.

Do your bra straps fall down when you are not riding? First question would be whether that is an accurate size measurement. Most women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Im on my phone and can’t easily get the link but maybe check out title 9 sports. They have good pics from all angles. My running bras are cut kind of low under the arms so no rubbing.

I recently bought a couple sports bras from Torrid and love them. I haven’t found any rubbing or cutting in around any areas, and they are super supportive. I wear them for crossfit and riding.

Try this company.
I have had very good luck with their bras anchoring down the girls at a medium trot.

I prefer Wacoal sports bras.

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Yes, I am trying to figure this for all of my bras. My rib cage around the band is 35" and my measurement around my breasts is 39". 34" bras seem too small through my rib cage. I have moved up in size from M to L due to increased back muscling. I find my smaller shirts are too tight through my shoulders. It seems like every place I go to has a different way to size my bras, and I’m very confused. I prefer bras that are not pull on. Thanks for your suggestions!

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I’m a lot bigger than you and just got the new victoria’s secret ones. They are fabulous!

I’m a 36DD, so I need a good bit of support. And I hate the “uni-boob” that a lot of sports bras give me. I have 8 or 9 of these Under Armour bras:…2860=332182867

I can wear a 36D or 38D in these. They shape nicely enough that I can wear them with t-shirts and look normal (no giant, single boob in the middle of my chest). They’re the first sports bra that I can run and ride in without having to use two bras. Great support and fit, no chafing. Use them riding, running, and walking (I walk an average of 15-20kms a day for work). Hold up great, too. I’ve had at least 4 of them for over a year and a half, heavy use and at least once weekly washing, and they’re still as good as the newer ones.

I’m also a DD. Love my enell bras. They don’t look great for all day wear, but they sure work to support the girls.

Victoria’s Secret "the incredible " sports bras …they have front and back closing, and many have fully adjustable straps which I find so hard to find. I love mine and am hoping beyond hope, I can wear them again after my reconstruction as they do have built in underwires! Many of the younger rather well endowed women at the barn swear by their “bra within a bra” styles!…alogueType=OLS

If you put those #s into different size calculators they come up with different sizes - one was 36C but another was 36D. Who is COTH’s resident bra-fitter - AliCat? How do we flag her to come help us?

I might suggest trying different sizes, e.g. 36C versus 34D and see which fits better.

36C here, too, on a rather petite frame. I like the Panache sports bra and the Moving Comfort “Fiona” model. Really straps 'em down!

I’m in the 32-34G range and I also run. My favorite is the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra. Supportive and comfy. Just bought some at Chain Reaction Cycles on sale.

I am in the two bras for riding camp.

One is a regular, everyday one.
The other is only for riding and goes over the other, snaps in front and does the job is supposed to do just fine.
Mine is a Glamorise five barbells.
I think Enell makes those, but any one such would work fine.
Title Nine was selling those when I bought it.
If I have to keep going after riding and can’t take it off quite yet, it is still fine and comfortable.
It does come off as soon as possible, not needed any other time.

I don’t think there is a brand or size fits all with bras, everyone has to try different ones until they find what works best for them.

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I swear by I’m a 28E/DD or 30DD and these are the most comfortable sports bra’s I’ve found (I wear the highest impact ones). The straps are adjustable and the lack of underwire is just more comfortable if my breast gets bounced out of place. If you’ve never had that happen before I hope you never do. Shock Absorber is an UK company but I can find them in the US. I highly recommend trying them on before you purchase your first one as they band size tends to run a touch small. They are expensive but I have one that has lasted me over 5 years.

The Knixwear bras are also really comfortable. I have the padded 8 in 1 Evolution bra which has no wires and you can cross the straps. They seem to be popular with riders, at least two of the tack stores in my area carry them even though they aren’t made specifically for riding.

My riding bra of choice is:

They’re not sexy, but they get the job done. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’d wear this for riding if I was over a B cup. I bought one on Black Friday (I’m a 36D) and it offers me no support. Good for when I want to wear a soft bra around the house and get rid of the underwire, but that’s it.

I picked up the new Knixwear Catalyst though, and it seems promising. I’ll hold out my final judgement until I’ve worn it a couple more months, as the band has already stretched and relaxed quite a bit from my first wearing where I could barely get it done up. It’s comfy and seems to do a good job of keeping the girls in check. I’m just a bit worried about how much it will stretch.

I love my Wacoal High Impact sports bras. Better support for me than the Panache (which I love for everyday wearing, just not riding).

I love, love, love, LOVE the Panache underwire sports bras. Enough support for running and riding (even when I was a 34HH - down to a 32F now! Woo hoo!), comfortable enough for all-day wear if needed, and no uni-boob look. Plus, they come in fun colors.