Good training level move up in Area 2?

I am looking for a good move up to training level in Area 2. Stadium is not my favorite :smile: Here are the options for May/June with info on course designers…any suggestions?

Plantation (May)
XC and SJ course designer: Jeff Kibbie
Hunt Club
XC and SJ course designer: Morgan Rowsell
Fair Hill
XC and SJ course designer: Nina Fout
Virginia Horse Trials
XC course designer: David Taylor
SJ course designer: Kathy White
XC course designers: David Taylor and Emma Hinke
SJ course designer: Kathy White
Plantation (June)
XC and SJ course designer: Jeff Kibbie

I’m further south of you in A2 so I can’t speak to Plantation or Fair Hill, but IMO MCTA is pretty max, SJ on grass that can be slick if it rains (which it has every time I’ve been there . … ). Hunt Club is small but doesn’t ride forward (twisty course) sj is straightforward on footing. VA I’ve only done once but SJ and XC were both average, XC was hilly.

Middelburg at Great Meadow is a really nice course, xc nice and open, sj on footing, and IMO on the softer side.

In the past I’ve done it at Plantation (usually at the unrecognized June one) but I’m not sure where they are running stadium these days. MCTA also has an unrecognized a week after recognized this year which should be slightly softer/friendlier.

I haven’t always found the sj at Fair Hill super encouraging but it will be on Gallagher Rd this year so on footing.

Plantation - stadium on grass field, not the most level. I’ve only been here once so I can’t speak to how they typically max or don’t max out the XC. It’s pretty though!

Hunt Club - stadium is an in an arena, but the warm up is less than desirable. It’s either in a tiny covered arena or a tiny grass area. The XC is windy with no good gallop stretches. I do not recommend Hunt Club above the Novice level.

Fair Hill - stadium is on grass, but it’s pretty level. Usually a good move up course.

VAHT - good footing for all 3 phases. I find the XC to be a little soft for the level. This would be my pick of the ones you listed, unless you don’t like the big atmosphere that VAHT carries. Personally, I like it and this is my favorite show!

MCTA - never showed here, only schooled, no comment.

Fair Hill is now utilizing the Gallaher road site, so SJ is in the big ring and not grass. The site of the old international. The event was quite good a few weeks ago. They don’t have a ditch or bank yet on that side for Training xc

It’s been 5 years since I was eventing but of the ones you’ve listed I would pick VAHT. I did my training move up at Seneca but the stadium is on grass and can be difficult.

Hi there! My husband and I run VAHT and I’d be happy to answer any questions. We pride ourselves on asking all the questions but doing so in a very friendly manner!


FYI - for the May event at Fair Hill, the organizers have said that even though it’s on the Gallaher side, SJ could still run on grass because dressage will be running in the big ring

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