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Good WP AQHA bloodlines

Hi! I am thinking of breeding my ranch bred AQHA mare in a few years (I know, I know, I’m sure someone will crucify me for considering breeding her but she has an amazing personality, good conformation, and many other good traits I would like to pass on). She has is double bred Freckles Playboy (has Playgun, Tarplay, and Freckles Playboy on her papers) as well as Driftwood and Sun Frost breeding. Despite her athletic pedigree, she is super chill and easy to ride (previous owners tried to rope with her but she would rather go on a leisurely trail ride or putz around the arena). She’s 14.3HH and more ranch built/on the leaner side. She is super fun to do ranch riding or trail riding courses on!
I’m looking to breed her to a stud that is more on the W/P side, but I really want a stud that is also known for throwing great disposition. I don’t care about color or height, my main concern is correct conformation, personality, and smooth gaits. I know some of the big names out there currently, but I would like to know anyone’s personal opinions or experiences with certain lines.
Please and thank you!

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A friend of mine bred her all around mare to A Sudden Holiday. They got a nice little mare with a good brain, and they are currently playing with her in the Ranch Riding.

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Take this with a grain of salt because I live in eventer land and am not as well versed on AQHA.

I have met several Mechanic’s and I would take every single on of them home and switch disciplines in a heartbeat if i could afford to. They also perform really well in Trail which is bringing in $$$$. They’re incredibly intelligient, so not total deadheads, but very workmanlike.

I also like Living Large - but he can throw some spice from what I’m told…


Living Large is more of a hunter type though as his claim to fame. The Mechanic does seem to be very popular, not to mention some of the VSAG bred horses.

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The sire lines I’m personally familiar with are VS Code Red (very WP), A Good Machine (a friend had a fabulous WP gelding by him) and Lazy Loper.

If I had to choose a sire for my hypothetical foal, or if I were buying a weanling or yearling, I’d look for one by Original Cowboy, who’s by Lazy Loper. Of course I’m a little prejudiced because my horse is sired by him, but that stallion is famous for really stamping his foals in looks and disposition. They’re just uncomplicated. He’s also known for producing all-around horses.


I’ve watched a lot of Lazy Loper babies show and I do like them!
If I were to go the APHA route, I really like Gentleman Send Roses (RIP). My good friend has a mare by him and she has an AMAZING brain & movement (granted, it could also come from the dam).

I see a lot of really nice Mechanic bred studs! I wonder what they are like under saddle personality wise?

I think there are better options for her bloodlines if you are wanting to go ranch riding, etc. It would also have more resale value than a ranch x wp cross.

FM Cottonwood would be one to look at.


Interesting! I just looked him up. The only thing I fear about breeding her to a more ranch or cow bred horse is that it will be too athletic or a little hotter than I want and I’ll lose that mellow, easy going personality that I love in my mare. I know every horse is different and there are absolutely mellow studs in every discipline.

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I wasn’t familiar with Gentlemen Send Roses, but a lady in the barn recently bought a very pretty Paint with a sweet disposition and that’s his sire. I know that’s only one example, but it was just kind of funny that you mentioned that stallion.

I understand what @bugsynskeeter1 is saying about crossing two distinctly different types of horses. But I also get your desire for athleticism combined with a mind that’s kind of a slow burner. Maybe consider stallions that sire all-around horses that compete in several events vs. strictly WP.

One I would highly recommend is the immortal. He is western pleasure bred, but has shown and won heavily in ranch riding plus western riding and horsemanship and ranch trail and ranch on the rail. He is still competing as a teenage breeding stud which speaks to longevity in both amateur and open classes and winning. I had a daughter of his I absolutely love and he has had numerous successful babies in all kinds of events from pleasure to hus to roping even. And his daughters are proving to be great broodmares as well


The way FM Cottonwood is bred would not make me as concerned about getting one too hot. I’m also going to say that she is bred to be a little hotter so it may still come out no matter the stud.

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I agree with this. You’ll get much more marketable horse.

The Colonels and Smart Chic o Lena’s tend to cool down some of other hotter lines.

Agree with everyone mentioning breeding to more of a ranch horse than a WP horse. I’m afraid you might put yourself at high risk for a “tweener” - something that isn’t going to set the world on fire in either the ranch or the WP.

FM Cottonwood is a SOLID choice.

VS Code Red is known for OCDs.
Living Large is a hunt seat type, and while I do love the two I have, they are quiiiirrrrkkkkyyyy minded.
Lazy Lopers can be tough-minded.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a good brain and want kind of an all-around potential - I would highly recommend VS Code Blue. He kind of flies under the radar, but every foal I’ve ever come across is just a kind animal.

Certainly A Vision might be worth looking into; I’ve heard decent things about the minds he puts on foals. If you want some color, One and Only Asset is homozygous tobiano and seems to be amateur-friendly.


Certainly A Vision was fantastic minded as a yearling, so I wouldn’t be surprised that his foals are as well.

I LOVE One and Only Asset! It’s crazy. ‘Ooh I like that one.’ It’s almost always one of his. My sister-in-law loves pointing it out. If I showed on those circuits, hands down I’d have one.

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I’ve been out of the show ring thing for a long time now, so I’ve been finding this whole discussion very educating!


Very businesslike. They like to have a job and enjoy their work. They can have some opinions, but it’s generally when they don’t understand what’s being asked of them.

I have one!

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Can’t be certain without a pic!! :wink: