Goodwill Find - Miller's Hunting Attire

I have no connection to this what so ever, but thought someone here might be able to use it. Even better, shipping is only 1 cent, (theirs gets high)


Wow! I hope someone who knows what it is snaps it up.

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Maybe I should buy it and consign it in Middleburg.


Odd that it’s double vented.

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Not actually hunting attire, but a fashion interpretation of hunting attire.

Women wearing scarlet, which means ONLY staff or professionals, would not have a 3 button, double vented coat. (Women masters who hunt their own hounds - five buttons; women masters who do not hunt their own hounds - four buttons.) It’s also cut fairly short for a riding coat.

Also, in the 1970s, most women masters did NOT wear scarlet - they wore black melton frock coats with colors. And I can’t think of too many female professionals in the the 70s. I saw my first female professional whip in the early 80s.

ETA: if the black velvet on the color were hunt colors (I don’t think they are, I think it’s just a fashion thing) the coat would also have hunt buttons.

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This may be even cooler than an old hunt coat.

It had me playing Insomnia Jeopardy last night, because I couldn’t understand getting Miller’s to custom make you a coat if it wasn’t a riding coat. So I did some Googling.

Canadian Equestrian Team riders wore the black velvet color on their coats in the 70s; Miss Sara Genny (name inside the coat in the ad) may have been on the Team.


My friend snapped this up! Thanks for sharing!

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