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GP Jumper Barn near San Luis Obispo, CA

Hey all,

It looks like I’ll be moving to San Luis Obispo towards the end of summer for my job, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any jumper barns/trainers down there that have people jumping Grand Prix. I’m fine driving a bit if it means my horse is happy :). Thanks in advance; google just doesn’t cut it anymore :lol:.

– Also, I saw someone had a similar thread about 5 years ago, but it seems like most of those trainers have left :cry:.

That’s a tall order. Unfortunately there’s nothing directly in SLO, but about 30 min away is Templeton Farms http://www.templetonfarms.com/ . Beautiful facility and good trainers. Unfortunately you just missed John French who was based out of there, but he is relocating to Washington State.

Theresa Petyo-Wallace runs a great program, I am not sure if she has current experience in the GP ring, but I can speak highly of her care and training program. I would check it out. You can always keep your horses with her and then meet up with a legit GP trainer at shows.

Good luck !