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GPA In the Hunter/Jumper ring: opinions please!

Currently I own a GPA Speed Air and have for about four months and I’m considering exchanging it for the First Lady (called Dover Saddlery and they happened to say I could exchange it for the FL if I wasn’t completely happy with it.)
My helmet right now fits me find but I’m in between having an oval and round head, so I do have a bit of space on the sides of my Speed Air that’s not too bad to the point where I can’t wear the helmet because it’s the incorrect shape; but it’s doable and is secure when I’m riding.
I like the way I look in the SA (who wouldn’t), it’s a nice helmet but I have a more oval shaped face and I’m not sure if I’d look alright in the FL. But I’m really interested in it since it’s “the latest and greatest” as far as fashion goes for helmets.
I’d be looking for opinions from owners of the FL, what do you think of it? Is it comfy? Does it look good? Is the fit similar to the Speed Air? Anything! I’m really looking to find out about

They fit differently, I think - I can’t wear either one, but I do know that one of the girls in my barn has a Speed Air that doesn’t fit and a First Lady was more comfortable. However, they are both still made for a round head, which it doesn’t sound like you have.

Honestly, what’s more important is the fit, not the look. If you have space on the sides of your helmet, it does not fit correctly. Try the other helmet and see if it fits you better, but IMO, you might want to try the Samshield helmets - I think they work pretty well for people with heads that are somewhat in between. (Paging Rel6!) Fashions go in and out, but you only have 1 brain; protect it as best you can!

I was just talking about helmets in the other thread. I cannot wear the GPA’s or the Samshields. You really just have to try on some of them at a local tack store and see what fits you. Can you get your money back from Dover so you can buy it at the actual tack store?

I like the Charles Owens. They fit me well and I personally like the look because it’s not really noticeable. Since I am an old school type rider that used those old helmets that were not rated, it took me a while to get used to the muffin head look :slight_smile: I don’t want to notice my helmet.

Even if I do ride in one of those big huge sun shields that my hubby makes fun of…

Try a Charles Owen, very good for oval heads.

It amazes me that you wore a helmet for, 4 months and now you want to return it. And that Dover takes them back but they are like home depot u can return anything.
Why wouldn’t you have just returned it when we first tried it on and noticed it didn’t fit.

Dover will take a helmet back that has been used for 4 months? :confused: Have they offered full credit for it? What will they do with it when they get it back? :eek:

You need to wear what fits, not what you think is the highest fashion. Have you tried the CO AYR8? I’m also somewhere between that round GPA fit and the long oval of most COs, but the AYR8 fits well. The CO GR8 is way too long oval for my head. The AYR8 also is a light, well ventilated and relatively non-obnoxious look for the hunter ring.

You may also want to look into the OneK helmets. A friend got me one as a gift, but unfortunately it’s too small to have my hair up in, so I just use it for trails/causal rides. Seems to fit me very well, and has a removable liner. Not the most popular helmet, but it’s somewhat snazzy looking and also relatively non-obnoxious in certain color schemes.

I think that the First LAdy looks almost as dumb as the Charles Owens that look like Hobbit houses. But then, I’m completely out of the loop as far as Hunter Princess fashion. Get a helmet that fits. That’s all that matters.

It’s my experience for the most part you either fit a brand or don’t fit it. I fit IRH and One K, but One K fits me best. CO and GPA’s as much as I’d like them to fit simply don’t.

If you want to be fashion forward get the latest and greates in boots, shirts, jackets etc… don’t sacrifice the fit of your helmet and try other brands to get what is safest.

I think that the First LAdy looks almost as dumb as the Charles Owens that look like Hobbit houses. But then, I’m completely out of the loop as far as Hunter Princess fashion. Get a helmet that fits. That’s all that matters.[/QUOTE]

Hobbit houses? Does my helmet fall under this category (since you’ve seen it on me)? I would giggle a bit if it did.

Forgot about the OneK helmets, those are quite popular as well for people whose heads don’t fit the CO or GPA models.

CO: http://www.waldenbrookfarm.com/gallery/gallery08/04.htm
Hobbit house:http://www.google.com/imgres?start=264&client=firefox-a&hs=CaN&sa=X&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&biw=1662&bih=792&tbm=isch&tbnid=hnjPR30WT_l60M:&imgrefurl=http://designyoutrust.com/inspirations/the-eco-friendly-hobbit-house-of-wales/&docid=RZaoVz8_ia1aUM&imgurl=http://designyoutrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/i1c77.jpg&w=620&h=391&ei=0XVIUsiHOunc4AOTl4DQAg&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:72,s:200,i:220&iact=rc&page=11&tbnh=171&tbnw=266&ndsp=26&tx=143&ty=126

You make the call…

We called them “skunk stripes.” :wink:
That being said, I own a GR8 (black/black) and I love it. I have a big, fat, round, basketball head. Seriously, I wear a 7 5/8 with my hair up!

My trainer has a First Lady and looks great in it. She is the total “hunter” package. She’s 5’2", weighs about 95 pounds and rides like hell. She is completely in love with her FL. I’m pretty sure she snuggles with it at night.

Other than being stylish, she likes the FL because she hates wearing sunglasses (says she can’t see right in them) and the FL gives her lots of sun coverage. (she’s also a Ginger!)

If you are around a big tack store, then go try one on. You might like it.
Good luck!

everyone’s head is different, and helmets are so important and should fit properly so there’s no getting around trying them on.
For me-I wore GPAs for years and just didn’t feel 100% secure. Then Samshield came out, and I waited a bloody year for it to be approved. I am somewhat in between the oval and round, and Samshield fits perfectly - I also think it looks lovely. In addiction…I recently bought the GPA lady or whatever you call it with the wider brim-great for a smidge more shield from the sun. It also fits perfectly, and very different from the GPA speed or whatever fit in the past. It too also looks lovely as well in my opinion. But lovely isn’t what drove me-fit was. We are above all athletes (well that might be a stretch for me…) and need the best fitting helmet. At that point, then pick the one that pleases you the most.
There are so many wonderful helmets out there today-I would find it difficult to say one was more “fashionable?” It seems every professional wears a different brand…

Wear the helmet that fits properly. Everything else is secondary.

I think that the First LAdy looks almost as dumb as the Charles Owens that look like Hobbit houses. But then, I’m completely out of the loop as far as Hunter Princess fashion. Get a helmet that fits. That’s all that matters.[/QUOTE]
I LOVE Charles Owen. I have an AYR8! I reccommend CO.

I need to update my helmet, until recently my GPA Titium Pro fit perfectly. Now it is putting pressure on my temples and causing a headache. Suggestions on what to try?