Grafenstern? Hannoverian stallion Anyone have any experience with this horse’s offspring or with the stallion personally? I have not heard much about him but I am intrigued by the old style boys.

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I will try again. BUMP

I know this guy is a bit on the obscure side but I am still wondering… anyone have any experience with this horse’s offspring? Would most likely be in Western Canada

He is a half sibling to the above horse that is well respected. Grand Cru was known for throwing really good temperaments and his mares did very well in the chute, very well. He is also the grand sire to the former stallion Lougheed that stood at Spruce. FWIW

Just an observation: where did this name come from? I mean, looking at the name I’d think he was a Graf Top x Feiner Stern, but he is neither. I don’t like names that imply things that are not true. Don’t know the stallion, so not a reflection on him - rather on the person who named him.

Many, many stallions and mares are not named with any sort of convention following previous names in the pedigree. Rubinstein, Johnson, Camelot, Landgraf, Carneval, Sultan, Cardento, Caribbean, Darco, Codex, Lugano…

Of course, that is true, but when you name a horse with parts of the names of famous stallions, it is natural that people would think they are related in some way to those stallions.

Thanks stoicfish. from what I hear this fellow is and throws those qualities as well. Sonesta, not a clue why he was named that but this stallion predates Graf Top. Maybe whoever named Grafenstern should be offended? :wink:

I don’t see anything wrong with the name. Four generations back in his sire line is the stallion Graf. Graf sired Grande, who had a fair number of offspring with “Graf” in their names. The Hanoverian stallion Granfenburg (1983) also goes back to Graf via Grande.

Also, I think “Graf” if German for “Count”, and “Stern” is German for star.

I owned this stallion. He consistently produces a very good mind. I am just south of Vancouver BC. Do you have a horse by him? He was one of the best horses I could ever hope to own.

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