Grand Prix eventing festival

Any video or more info on the Grand Prix eventing at Bruce’s field?

Stadium looked incredibly influential and I’m wondering why.

H&C is carrying the live stream. Unfortunately, they’ve changed their subscription model to be more in line with how ClipMyHorse operates. There’s a tiered subscription model now and accessing replays is much more expensive than it was last year. Frustrating because I really only keep H&C for a handful of events. You can purchase access for individual events for $20.

All in all it was a day of some very nice tests and I thought the commentary was really great. Doug’s test was obviously pretty special, but Miks Master C really stood out to me. I think that horse is going to be able to hang with the best in the world pretty soon and, if everything stays on the rails, I think Liz has a shot at an individual medal in Paris next year. A lot can play out from now until then, but it really looks like the pieces are coming together.

I missed most of the show jumping but hoping to catch the replay today. I did see a few and Colleen Loach’s round with FE Golden Eye was pretty incredible. I know she’s been doing some 1.50 classes with him and it really shows.


It looked to be crazy windy during stadium yesterday, that might have been some of it. Along with a really technical course (per interview with the designer).

Just finished the live stream of XC and Liz Halliday-Sharp has won again. It all came down to time to get the top 3 sorted.

Interesting to hear WFP talk about how he thought C’est La Vie 135 was maybe not the ideal type to bring to this sort of format. It’s early in the season and maybe Woods will have it sorted by Kentucky (or wherever is first), but he looked a little like a steam train gaining momentum until it unraveled at the up-bank combination with a refusal. That horse has such a monstrous stride. Fingers crossed for them, it sure seems like he’s put in a lot of work after the Maryland debacle.

And, of course, watching Corvett ping over the fences is always fun!


remind me please, what is a CR?

Compulsory retirement - if you have 5 or more rails in stadium.

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I think Woods needs to start thinking outside the box on how he manages that horse because whatever he is doing isn’t working. I was hoping to see improvement from last year but it appears there is none in terms of rideability. He will be getting pulled up at Kentucky if it carries on. That horse has the makings of a champion so I really hope he can sort it out.

Maybe he needs a different warm up, or to not jump too much at home, something like that.


I loved hearing WFPs opinions on everything.

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I saw a Laine Asher video and she was talking about getting the dreaded CR which she called Can’t Ride.


BAHAHAHA :rofl: :rofl::rofl:


I hope so too, the horse is quite the athlete. Hearing WFP as the round unfolded was educational (and a little pearl.-clutch worthy). First the brakes, then the straightness, then all rideability.

Dutton’s new ride (Azure?) looks a fun to watch come along!


I LOVE that one! Excited to watch it develop!