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Grand Prix rain pants - sizing?

Late to the party, as we’ve had perma-rain this year, but I was thinking of finding some short rain pants for riding in the rain/covering up at shows, and I’ve read a lot about the Grand Prix rain pants on here. Any idea how they fit?
I’m usually a ladies L/mens M bottom (30/32 in breeches) and I think these pants are unisex. More wondering whether the M is cut man-slim through the hips such that II might embarrassingly pop them open when actually riding. I would probably err on the side of a L but I have a line on a good deal for a pair of M. WRT a L, I don’t mind a little baggy but I also don’t want to be too slidey-aroundy. Thanks!

I have a pair of women’s medium Grand Prix rain pants. I wear 28 in Ariat, TS, and Horze. I find they fit a little slim but they have elastic in the waist so stretch.

Thank you! So maybe they are women’s sizing, not unisex…that’s exactly what I wanted to know :wink: Thanks!

I’m assuming they are women’s based on fit, but I just checked for a size chart and couldn’t find one. Doesn’t say unisex or women’s in the description like some of the other brands do.

I have a never worn pair I purchased last year for sale. Size M, tan. They are not super snug fitting as they’re meant to be worn over breeches. I am 5’6" tall and wear a sz 30 in breeches. I would say these could fit someone who’s a 28-32 as they do have elastic waist and snaps. PM me if you’re interested.