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Grand Prix results

I DO have some videos and photos from the warm up, but I can’t figure out how to get them off my phone on to YouTube. I really want to post the one of Charlotte and Isabel warming up together because they keep dive bombing each other.

I took notes on all of the rides and have details if you’d like. Generally really good feeling about it. Charlotte and Valegro are WAY ahead with 84% Of course it was generally fabulous. Big, flowy relaxed movement in almost everything. Only a few tiny things with walk steps out of piaffe into passage and a hesitant passage step or two. My only comment to change would be his neck needs to be longer in extensions, which was a big problem with almost everyone.

Edward and Undercover at 79%. He has SUPER relaxed p/p. Again, the only comment is the neck should be out more in extendeds.

Steffen and Legolas 76%. This is probably one of the most masterful jobs riding I’ve ever seen and the best I’ve seen the horse. Steffen eeked every point out of him and did the best to help him in everything. The 1 tempis were the only place he was looking a little tight like he can get, but, again, Steffen rode it just right.

Laura and Verdades 74.2%. He was a bit spooky yesterday and definitely looking today. He had little looky lo things, no big deal and she handled them very well. If she had been able to push him, she would have been way up.

Jessica von Bredow on Unee BB I don’t quite get. 74.8% He can ext. but is tight in the neck, too. His passage his right hind hoes out left a bit and his right for is more forward than his other. His p/p got better in the test, but it was still there. He also almost stopped in the trans. from canter to trot.

Hans Peter Minderhoud 73.6% He’s a lovely mover, but overall I noticed he swings side to side some in the p/p.

Overall noticings. Most people had necks cranked in in the extensions. I give it to Isabel–El Santo lengthened his neck. I also noticed almost everyone really collected almost on the spot into the 1 tempi’s and didn’t go really forward into them. Seems like a new thing to me. Fleetwood I have been impressed with, but he wasn’t quite there today. Painted Black’s rider, Morgan, did a SUPER job and got everything out of him.

Here are the judges’ sheets:

I reckon I’d crank the neck in the extensions in that overwhelming atmosphere, too. Saves ending up in the judge’s lap…

Thanks for the sheets.

The neck cranking had nothing to do with that atmosphere. Many were definitely riding to mitigate those issues, like the gold cup on the stand by H many horses did not want to go near. Judges aren’t scoring it down, and it’s easier to ride that way, so . . . Not technically correct, though.