Grand Slam VDL or Kannan

I have a KWPN mare (Carthago / Le Roi) that I intend to breed this spring. Goals are temperament and adding height. A little less knee action would be icing. Resulting foal would hopefully be a 1.40 jumper and event a little on the side (short format, prelim max). Mare has about 40% blood, which is a nice percentage for me (I’d like to keep it 35-50).

Grand Slam VDL and Kannan are on the short list. I haven’t been able to dig too much up on Grand Slam. Maybe Kannan is a safer choice?


What information are you looking for about Grand Slam? He is a younger stallion that has been competing in the young stallion classes and whose first crop of foals will be turning 3 this year.

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Kannan is definitely a safer choice; he has more than a few UL sport horses to his credit.

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Semen from VDL horses is easy enough to obtain so I was hoping somebody would chime in about the Grand Slam foals they have. Icing would be whether or not he improved the characteristics on my list.

Grand Slam had a nice showing of colts at this year’s KWPN stallion show, but they are 2 coming 3, so hard to comment on the temperaments.

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I bred my Darco x Indoctro mare to Grand Slam a couple of years ago. The resulting colt was very outgoing and friendly, strong powerful canter. I too was hoping to add some height to the mare (she has had a couple of foals smaller than herself, so I’m always trying to use stallions that will keep/add height) and although I have not seen him since I sold him as a foal, he looked like he would be tall enough (ie. at least her height of 165).




I have a Grand Slam VDL 2021 filly from our Holsteiner mare (Caretino). She has a huge canter, and is super friendly. She is independent and not one to walk quietly alongside her mother. From her first day out, she takes off galloping. I think she will be a great athlete, but it will take some finesse to develop her with such independence and intensity.

Thanks! I ended up going with Grand Slam also, mainly for the LFG. My colt is a 2019 model. I couldn’t be more thrilled. My guy is also independent but tremendously aloof. In the round pen, he is all business.