Gravel maintenance

Does anyone have a gravel grooming implement they really like and would recommend for maintaining gravel driveways and parking areas? There seem to be quite a few on the market.

I have a gravel area behind an outbuilding that’s too small to drag with my larger tractor and chain drag and too big to hand rake and the entire area has turned into a complete hash. I’m looking for something I could pull with a UTV or BX that would help keep the vegetation at bay. A solar powered gravel Roomba would be nice…

My dad built his own mini box grader to pull behind the lawn tractor, but I suppose that isn’t terribly helpful…

there was a thread here last September that suggested this

back then the 66" FEL bucket kit was $350, my son got one to maintain his 1800 ft gravel drive and likes it


I got a deal on a used DR Power Grader and I tried it to groom my ring. I think would be great for its intended use on gravel (does not loosen my ring footing as much as I hoped).

Thanks all. I actually had thought about a looking for a box grader of some variety but the slope might make using one a bit of a challenge. Interesting to hear the ratchet rake could work. I looked at those a couple of years ago for helping clear blackberries. I wonder if that would actually be more maneuverable in my space than something tow behind like the DR. I’m starting to think I should abandon the upslope side of this patch and extend it into an area that will be easier to maintain. I might win the battle but I’m losing the war with this odd little area.

If it’s a gravel area getting overcome by weeds, are you opposed to using chemical controls to stop the growth?

Far easier just to spray to kill the growth popping up? That is what we do.

Clean fence lines, garden beds, and any other areas where a natural solution is desired use a 30% Vinegar. This will knock-out weeds and most vegetation within hours.

The vinegar mixes at a 1:1 ratio with water. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap to make it stick.


I don’t have a problem spraying the area and usually do but the cool rainy spring weather this year had me at a disadvantage. When the weather did cooperate I focused on other areas like pastures and fence lines. I did manage to spray it last weekend but there will be a lot of organic material left behind in the gravel and I expect I’ll need to do something more drastic to put it right. I really wish I had made it a higher priority but hindsight and all.

I’d just spray it for now. Let everything die.

In a couple weeks, Put on some thick jeans and weed whip the dead stuff. Blow it off. Reassess in a few months.

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