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Great Success with Colostrum (bovine) Supplement

I haven’t seen a ton about this for people yet, but there is some promising research being done. My dad put it on my radar after an article crossed his. Digging into it a bit, it suppose to help support immune function, gut health, and tissue repair as well as aiding in performance and recovery.

Ive been taking it now for a month, and it’s absolutely helping me feel better all around. Immediately I noticed on my Apple Watch that my deep sleep time increase by nearly 50%. I am able to push myself harder than normal…for me that translates to being on my feet longer, doing my pilates 6-7 days/week vs 4-5, upping my cardio without feeling like death afterwards…things like that.

This past week was the biggest whirlwind Ive had in a while:

  • Wednesday - Training ride/Pony Bath/Pony clip/Pony mane Trim in prep for website photos
  • Thursday - Photo shoot
  • Friday - half day vacation to take my grandma flower shopping + pony chores
  • Saturday - up early to go BEMER a couple horses, drove the pony, helped moved cattle to their spring pasture (holy crap that was fun)
  • Sunday - took Grandma shopping for more flowers and rode the pony.

By Sunday I was pretty wiped, but I was able to keep going. Previously, I might have made it through Friday and would have had to basically recoup on the couch for the rest of the weekend.

I shared my experience with my coworker who has skin/GI autoimmune issues, and SHE also had great results. She said after a couple weeks, she’s noticeably less bloated and less GI issues, the rosacea on her face is lesser and the bumps she would get were much smoother.

My dermatologist friend has it on her radar and has been digging into her medical journals. Her initial thoughts were that it’s got to be similar to IVIG infusions but more accessible.

Curious if anyone else has tried it? And what were your thoughts if you have?


Hmmm, I am going to look into this. I have an autoimmune muscle disease and get high dose IVIG every 3 weeks.

Where do you purchase yours and what brand?

I started with this https://tryarmra.com/ It’s super expensive but is HSA eligible. This brand was created by a doctor herself after she herself ended up with horrible chronic issues that no one could pinpoint.

I am working my way though a container of this now and it seems just as good, and a little less costly. https://shop.wondercow.com/products/colostrum-powder?variant=44975235399985&selling_plan=689196433713

Take a look! I don’t know HOW close it is to IVIG or how it would actually compare but I’m glad I gave it a try.


Thank you for the info. I’m going to read up on it some more and mention it to my rheumatologist.

I starter taking a creatine supplement a few months ago as it is supposed to help with myositis

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I have been taking collagen for the last year. It did wonders for my gut (IBD) but has done squat for my joints and soft tissues. I had (have) torn tendons in my left hip. In the year and a half since diagnosis and after PRP, the tendons are no better and my hip arthritis has gone from mild to severe. I am waiting for a surgical consult for replacement(not until August :stuck_out_tongue:). I still don’t know what complication the tendons present.

I am ready to try something else. I have cut 95% of sugar from my diet and all grains. It still hurts without Vitamin I (ibuprofen) which I would like to quit taking but I need to function.



Sorry to hijack, but can you elaborate about collagen helping IBD? I am a slave to my gut, unfortunately.


I’ve also had great success using bovine colostrum supplements, for me I noticed improvements in gut health stuff the most. This is the company I get mine from, I like this product because its liposomal and from healthy cows! https://www.sovereignlaboratories.com/product/COLOSTRUM-LD_powder-reg.html


I didn’t find much googling on collagen and gut health, but colostrum has quite a bit of promise for those issues. My coworker has seen a huge change for the better with her gut since she’s started on it.

It looks like the growth factors and bioactive compounds colostrum contains support the repair and regeneration of the intestinal lining which can then improve gut barrier function and reduce intestinal permeability.

I also have to stay away from added sugars, and honey specifically. I had some candy over my grandmas house last weekend and I was no worse for the wear which is something! Not something that will ever be a regular habit again, but nice to be able to have something sweet here and there and not pay for it for 3 days.

The reason I was asking about collagen is that with me being on dialysis, I have to be super careful what meds and supplements I take. Collagen has been around and I would guess it’s probably more of a known quantity. I am trying to preserve my last ten percent of kidney function as it makes dialysis so much easier. That means avoiding lots of things that get excreted through the kidneys. I don’t know that my nephrologist would be able to form a useful opinion on colostrum.


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I was really (pleasantly) surprised on the positive change in my gut. I have taken various probiotics in the past and they didn’t do much. I had IBD…there were mornings where I didn’t dare stray out of the house and away from the BR. It could be 2-3 days a week or once every 2-3 weeks. One really never knew. Luckily, I worked swing shift so it didn’t affect work too much. I think it was about 2 months into taking the collagen daily that it registered that the belly was much happier. At that time, there were no diet changes (crappy standard American diet) Since March 1, I have been eating Ketovore (probably 95% animal products and minimally, processed food) and it is even happier but I have a stash of collagen and may try stopping it when I am out.

I really wanted the collagen to help my multiple tendinopathies (feet and hips) and some osteoarthritis. But alas…my hip has progressed from mild arthritis to severe in the last year and the tendons were unchanged with a followup MRI so I guess that part is a no. It has helped my skin…it has mildly lessened some of 68yo lines and wrinkles…noticeably but nothing earth shattering.

My collagen experience…


That is very helpful. Thank you!


I wonder what is the difference in what you are taking and the bag of colostrum supplement I keep on hand for when my cows calve @FjordBCRF ??

I don’t think a whole lot! Just powder form :joy:

I talked to my nephrologist yesterday about collagen vs. bovine colostrum, and he responded the way I thought he would. He has experience with people on collagen and said it’s fine for people on dialysis who are trying to preserve remaining kidney function. He knew nothing about colostrum, and couldn’t advise me on it. So I will try what I know is safe for me.

Thanks, everybody, for all the discussion. It’s very interesting.



I hope it helps! Please keep us posted!


My bag is powder!

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Then not much I bet!!