Great Toe Arthritis

After two months of foot pain and being told it was tendinitis, I was just recently diagnosed with arthritis in my big toe. I’m only 23! It’s apparently a result of a severe toe stubbing a few years back, and now I have hardly any cartilage left.

I will get carbon plate inserts as soon as my size comes in, and I was wondering if anyone has used those in their riding boots? My boot of choice for schooling is the Ariat Devon Pro Zip Paddock Boot with half chaps, and I’m concerned about the inserts fitting. Does anyone know if the stiff inserts will affect my riding position? (I ride English with a classic hunter/equitation position, but I want to train for eventing in the near future.)

Any advice for riding and even exercising with this type of arthritis would be extremely helpful! I do not want to limit my life at all! Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have used some inserts in my Ariat paddock boots at times. A friend of mine has arthritis in her ankle and she has gotten some relief using Tommy Copper products(copper infused light weight sports clothing) and Voltaren topical gel(same thing as Surpass for horses).

Ah! Glad to hear that the inserts can work in my paddock boots! I’ve never heard of Tommy Copper products, I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for responding!