Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?

Just like with horses. I am more than aware, but thank you. :wink:

I just found a recent ad on craigslist for one that needs a new home. Hope it finds one…

I know this thread is old (And now I’m wondering if the OP ever got a Swissy?) but I thought I would chime in in case anyone else is looking at getting one. I’ve never had one myself, but the horse breeder I spent my summer in Germany with also happened to be a dog breeder of GSMDs. Actually the largest population of Swissies is in Germany!

Their history was as an all purpose farm dog. One of the hold-overs of this is that the bark is real! And big! It’s bred in there as a warning bell when someone (or something) visits the farm. It should not, however, be accompanied by aggressive behaviour. Still, something to keep in mind on how well that suits your living situation.

i would say they are on the high side of moderate energy and intensity. They will need to do things to channel their worker energy - all the better if it can be a lot of outdoor stuff and time with you - but I don’t think it tends to come out as neurotic/hyper/goofy as much as some of the breeds that top the energy and intensity scales. They will settle well when you get in the house… very likely right near you, so if you aren’t ready to trip over a very large dog from time to time, it might not be your breed :grin: