Green Guard muzzle or alternatives for horse prone to rubs

Hi - our vet recommended a grazing muzzle this year for our VERY easy keeper and we grabbed a Tough 1 off of Amazon for the quick delivery time. It’s rubbing her chin raw, so I’m exploring alternatives. Does anyone have experience with the Green Guard and if it rubs?

Every muzzle has the potential to rub. That said, I have FAR fewer rub issues with GG than any of the traditional basket-style muzzles I’ve used - Best Friends, Weaver, Jacks, no-name, and a few others. I have no experience with Tough 1

The biggest rub issue I have had with GG is the section that the strap runs through under the chin. If the muzzle doesn’t sit balanced, as in, if it sags on top of the nose, that allows the plastic part under the chin to ride up and rub. Sometimes it’s just a matter of tightening the nose strap, but that’s also a big reason why the GG halter has the strap that runs down the middle of the face. I’ve also seen people fashion that strap on their own halter with good success.

Thanks JB! I went ahead and ordered it. It’s coupon eligible on Riding Warehouse. :wink:

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Green Guard? My boy has worn his for two years with no rubs. It’s tough, breathable, and allows for just enough grass.

Oops - yes! Changing now. :slight_smile:

I think you will be pleased. My mare does have 2 places with a little muzzle hair loss( at the sides by the halter rings) due to the halter but not the muzzle. It has never been irritating or raw or bothered her at all.

She does not have the most feminine head :disappointed:

I’ve used both Tough 1 and Green Guard, and I much prefer Green Guard. I’ve never had a problem with the Green Guard muzzle rubbing either of my 2 easy keepers, but I do have problems with the halters rubbing (both Green Guard halters and garden variety farm store halters). I put duct tape on the halters where they cause rubs, and that solves the problem. I also have had problems with the buckles on the straps that connect the muzzle to the halter poking the horse and causing a sore, usually on the chin. I wrap the buckles and straps in electric tape to prevent this.

And just because horses . . . One of my horses managed to chew entirely through the side of his Green Guard muzzle, and that can’t have been easy on his teeth. He did this trying to scratch itchy spots on his sides and flanks, not from eating. I still haven’t figured out a way to prevent this, other than doing everything I can to make him itch less. Has anybody else had this problem?

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I used and liked the Tough-1 Easy Breathe muzzle for my big headed Walking Horse who had trouble breathing thru other brands.

I cut pieces of Dr. Scholls corn pads and stuck them on the areas where the muzzle rubbed him. They had to be replaced frequently but they completely eliminated the rubs.

The inside of the muzzle should be washed every day so as to avoid gunk and yuk buildup:)


We’ve had great luck w the Thinline flexible muzzle. No rubs, light weight, very breathable and easy to keep clean. I don’t care much for the halter they sell, though.

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I don’t get rubs from my green guard but I do get rubs from the halter. I bought a pack of fleece pieces for halters and cut those to fit, they wrap around with Velcro. I take them off and wash periodically.

I had a mare in my barn who’s chin rubbed with the green guard, so I just fastened a piece of fleece on the bottom where the chin sits! Problem solved :slight_smile:

That’s what I’ve been using. The green guard muzzle rubbed and pony hated it for some reason.

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I think the Green Guard is quite heavy. I wonder about poll pressure w them.

Another happy GG user. I used one all of last year until winter and it really worked well. Im at a barn with a dry lot now that I can go without, but it and the GG halter were great.

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I use a GG muzzle as needed. I have it attached to a well fitted and well broken in leather halter. I did note the slightest beginning of a rub where the muzzle attaches to the top center of the halter’s noseband. I wrapped that buckle strap with vet wrap and that solved the rubbing.

I think the GG is lighter and looks more comfortable than the Tough 1 muzzle I see stocked at my local feed store.

For a bit I was putting his fly mask on and then the halter with muzzle attached. Had a small failure with that set up


Heavy compared to what? It’s super lightweight compared to traditional basket styles


Compared to the thin line I mentioned above.

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I had some rubbing issues, too. I used duct tape on the inside of the chin side of the muzzle and that took care of that problem.

I also use the GG halter and have to adjust it pretty snugly to keep it on. No issues wearing it last summer but starting this spring she was getting some rubs from the halter on her chin and where the buckles are. I stitched some fleece over the relevant halter parts and that seems to have done the trick.

All in all, I love the GG.

I really liked the Thinline until she learned to eat through the side and I couldn’t adjust it enough to prevent that. If I had been able to do that, I would like the Thinline more than the GG.

Thanks for all the input! I ordered the Thinline this morning and we’ll see what seems to work best on Marey Mare. :slight_smile:

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Yea I use halter fuzzies on the noseband and the crownpiece of my halter when using the GG, and she also wears a fly mask under it whether she needs it or not that day as it helps diminish any rubbing. I really like the GG and my horse puts up no fight to have it put on in the mornings! I might try the thinline at some point but I have heard a lot of people saying that same thing about their horses learning to eat out the side.