Greensboro NC: Good boarding and training programs?

Hey y’all! Looking for barn recommendations for a friend near Greensboro/Winston Salem NC. Adult amateur with one cute gelding, looking for preferably a H/J program (not a travel show program but something doing locals and small As on the regular), or possibly a boarding barn with jumps available and an eventing or dressage trainer on site. Quality of care is most important, horse does best with small group turnout and maximum time outside (24/7 turnout isn’t usually a good fit however due to needing to eat alone + feet + allergies to bugs). Somewhere that feeds good hay and enough of it (willing to pay a good price for this!). Good footing a must and access to trails or a field for hacking are bonuses. Willing to drive up to an hour for the best place. She’s been looking online but asked if I could reach out here for good programs or private places that might not pop up! Thanks!

I realize she’s looking for some very specific things so in general looking for trainer recommendations or if anyone is from the area and has ideas. Thanks!

I would have her reach out to Pat and Keith at Cloud’s Harbor in Clemmons. Their care and training are the best. They go to A,AA, and I think they will still do C shows.

Alex Vernon is in Jamestown and she has a lovely program and goes to all levels of shows. Her barn is Jamestown Equestrian.

I also follow a farm on Instagram called Magnolia Farms. They seem to have a solid program and are in that area.

Finally, Irish Oaks is in that area. One of their pony kids did really well at Pony Finals in the Medal so they know what they are doing.
I don’t know anything about the facility.

I do know from talking to a friend in that area, quality barns are few and far between. Good luck to your friend!

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Thanks so much! I’ll pass this info on. She’s decent at vetting the care, just needs somewhere to start.

Call Lynn Thompson at the Horse & Rider tack shop in Greensboro. She might be able to point you towards some private barns in addition to the programs Limerick2017 mentioned (which are all good). Lynn has a small farm and has some borders. Also, Torihope has excellent care. I’m not sure how often either have a trainer on site.

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GSO and W-S are pretty far apart, so if she’s closer to GSO, Clemmons is a long, long way (it’s on the other side of W-S)

Do you know more specifically where she is/will be living?

I don’t know where she will be living exactly. I’m not sure she does. I do know her SO is working in Winston Salem, and she will be working in Greensboro so I assume they’ll be living somewhere between. She’s driving an hour each way now and is willing to do the same, though things closer would I’m sure be better.
I’ll definitely send the info for the tack shop to her! That’s great!

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Feel free to message me. I live in the area. Like anyplace, we have the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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Messaged you!