Groom Pay?!?

Anyone have any idea what pay + tips are like to groom for big shows? (Assuming this is someone with decent experience, I don’t want to be told “depends on experience,” lol) Indoors, Devon, PF, etc?

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Well, if you’re grooming at those shows you are mostly likely a salaried employee or at least have some sort of long term experience with your employer.

For a free lance groom $100/day plus all accommodations, food, and expenses and tips is standard for my experience. Some here will say that is way too low but it’s a number I have very consistently ran into over the years in a number of situations.

What/where is PF ?

Pony Finals

I think that’s a little on the low side at present. I see $150-300 now depending on the number of horses.


Pony Finals… aka The Minion Olympics


Yeah if you’re responsible for more than one horse and running the gamut of responsibilities (competently), I’ve seen more like $200.

$100 is more for smaller shows and/or fewer charges to take care of.

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in 1973 I was earning more than $100 per show to groom, really do not remember the actual amount but I know it was more then a hundred dollars

using an inflation calculator one hundred 1973 dollars would be $667 today

Per day??

About 25 years ago I made $35/horse per day. Not a full time employee, just freelance at rated shows. I got the job because I was a C level pony clubber. I had 6 horses at a week-long show which was amazing money for teenage me!



One of my favorite example of “working” minions (not sure I would trust them to groom for me): Deadliest Catch + Despicable Me - Launch Spot - YouTube


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$100/per horse/per day plus accommodations, travel expenses and food is standard for an experienced (FEI level) groom (all the extras are usually split amongst the clients).

Typically $100/week additional for tip.

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I paid my groom at Upperville $125 for 2 days, 2 hrs a day.

She only had to help me tack and set fences for one class/first class of the day and she lived locally. And we took her and her mom out to dinner as well.

PAY well for those who allow you to do all the things!!!



My grooms get $70 per horse per day. Sometimes they will hire an extra guy and pay him out of that for stall help or whatever. I have found they can only get 5-6 horses done effectively without help. I also have my clients tip them $100 per week, so if they do 4 horses they get $280 per day, with tips for the week they get $2360. and I usually just give them the extra $40.

I don’t begrudge them this. It is hard long work.


OP, did you want the free lance price per day per horse? Or regular groom salary?

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Free lance per horse :blush:

Then agree with above estimates.