Guesstimate the age

We don’t see the vet til Monday, and I’m far from an expert with teeth, so who wants to play guess the age until then? These are the best pics I have for now, he has a molar issue going on and is not pleased with me poking in his mouth a bunch.

Will update when I get vet confirmation!

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7-10 yrs?


Low end of that.

The first photo he looks young (5-7), but the wear and angles of incisors in the other two photos make me think he’s closer to the 10 range even without a groove present. His caps seem like a young horse’s as well. It does look like something is going on there with the inflamed line gingiva and teeth discoloration; some discoloration is normal though. I’m hoping it’s an easy fix and not something like EOTRH. Poor Bo, glad he’s got a soft landing with you.

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Teeth Aging

He has recently had a lot of access to some kind of molasses-based product, like those horse tubs or something. He came with dried sticky brown goop stuck all over his face, jaw, and legs. So that could be the cause of the odd staining (and who knows what he was eating before that). The clumps of green stuff between his teeth is just alfalfa mush. :grin:

6-8 yrs? :thinking:

I was thinking around10 but I know nothing about teeth beyond my own horses… So just a wild guess.