GVWR for trailer

I just bought a Brenderup Solo and the sticker on the trailer and Brenderup specs say it has a GVWR of 2800#, the trailer weighs 1300# so that means I should be able to put 1500# in the trailer BUT there is a tire load sticker next to the other that says cargo can not exceed 1300#. The tires are stock from Brenderup so I’m wondering why the trailer would have one max weight and the stock tires have another? Is there a way to upgrade the tires so the tire and trailer max cargo weight match? My horse is about 1250# so she’s up there as far as the max cargo goes. I’m confused why they would make a trailer for large horses (7’4" tall with a 51" stall width) but not reflect that in the tires ability to hold such a load. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
(If I can figure out how to post a photo I’ll post one of the stickers).

Perhaps they plan that the hitch takes a bit of the load.

Since it’s new I’d contact Brenderup.

New to me. It’s a 2008 but never used. I don’t think Brenderup is in business anymore, at least not here in the states. Although I found a parts supplier in New Hampshire who used to sell them so I’ll ask him.

The tires are probably replacement tires. Generally, one should replace tires at least every 5 years because of dry rot. I wonder if the correct replacement tires were used.

Ok I asked on another group and was told the 1300 max is PER tire? So the max weight is actually 1500#?

How do I look for dry rot? Tires have not been replaced but from the outside look pristine/brand new, like I just picked them up from Les Schwab. Should I take the spare in to a tire dealer so they can take it off the hub and look inside or would this appear outside too? I had a car mechanic look the trailer over top to bottom bc we don’t have a trailer repair/dealer where I bought it and he said it looks brand new inside and out (which previous owners told me it has never been used, wife bought it then sold her horse and sadly passed a way a few years later so the trailer has only been used to move some furniture a couple times and the son pulls it out and power washes it every few months).

Brenderup is still in business in Europe, IIRC. You might find them that way.

Don’t they still have a U.S. “agent” of some sort? Or somebody who has been a source for parts? I don’t have one but I seem to remember folks talking about such a source.

We replace trailer tires at 5-6 years of age. Tires are chemical products and undergo changes over time no matter how well protected and cared for. They can look just fine and be weak, particularly in the sidewalls. That’s true of all rubber products I’m aware of, including grommets, seals, etc. They all have “useful lives” that can be measured in both miles and months.


If a tire is stamped 1500 lb limit, that is per tire. Not per axle.