H/J barns in Louisville?

Hello! I’m looking for a new trainer/barn in Louisville where I can take lessons and in the future, lease or half lease a horse to show. I’m located more in the south end of Louisville, so Prospect and Oldham Co. are a bit of a drive. Any reccomendations? Despite being a horsey area, I’ve noticed there’s not many farms around me. :confused:

Forever Green Farm has many lesson horses and goes to (mostly schooling) shows:


I just moved from Louisville and miss it so much! There are not that many hunter jumper lesson barns. A lot of people do eventing, I think influenced by the huge thoroughbred industry. Forever Green and Bannon Woods are off the top of my head. Debbie Iezzie at Stoneplace does eventing but is good for jumpers and her assistant trainer coaches IHSA if I’m not mistaken. Debbie I believe has lesson horses and does leases. Cris Chastain does the larger Hunter jumpers but doesn’t have lesson horses.