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H/J barns in st. Louis

Anyone know of any good barns/trainers in the st. louis area worth looking into?

Micaela Kennedy: http://www.kennedyfarms.com

A friend was a working student for her and the friend’s mom was gifted a horse by Micaela. Said horse is lovely and beautifully and correctly schooled. If that is an example of what she does with horses I would go out of my way to ride with her.

Susan Baginski at Baskin Farms is fantastic, and their facility is beautiful.

Where are you in the metro area? Depending on where you live may decide where you want to look.
I live in the City and I ride at Griffin Farm in Wentzville with Shannon Hicks. It is about 40 minutes on a good day (it has taken me up to an hour and a half depending on traffic and weather). For me it is worth the drive because I love the training, the facility is beautiful and well cared for, and my horses are very happy. You may not be interested in spending that much time in the car.
If you want, PM me with your location and I can give you some ideas.

Mechlin Farm is a top notch facility in Wright City. Sarah is the real deal. Wonderful place with fantastic turnout, great indoor and outdoor rings, and a new barn being built. She does all the big AA shows but accommodates all levels. Hunters, jumpers, and equitation. Great horses and honestly great people.

Second Kennedy farms. Good friend rides there and they have beautifully schooled horses that are treated responsibly and have happy lives. On a side note, the eq horse that Caitlin Boyle rode much of this year (Loredo) is one of micaelas, and he’s incredible. Also, my friend rode there her whole life, then came to college and rode ihsa and literally can ride anything she sits on, with tact and skill.