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Hacking to your hunt?

Out of curiosity, can/does anyone here hack to their hunt territory/territories? If so, I’d love to know where you’re located!

That has traditionally been considered a no-no for fear of fouling a line or scaring off game. At one hunt I know of a MFH has a lesson barn in the territory and the whole barn will hack over. I never thought it wise but I’m not an MFH.

I was on a hunt vacation and the meet was a ten minute ride down a trail. I hauled over.

Oh this is so interesting! I never knew that! I’ve always been a bit of a haul from our hunt so it’s never even been remotely been an option but I’ve always been curious if elsewhere it’s a practice.

Belle Meade Hunt, Thomson, Georgia. Hacked over to the meet. Hacked back to barn after afterwards. The latter usually in total darkness,.One hand for the reins, and the other in front of your face hoping to limit tree branch injury. Tops of coops painted white hoping to better see them at night.


I have one fixture I can hack to, as it’s just one driveway down the road from my farm. I hack along the road instead of through the trails. My biggest objection to hacking over is then I can’t partake in the breakfast afterwards! But it’s a good option for a young horse just getting exposed to foxhunting, since I don’t have to worry about trailer loading in addition to all the rest of the excitement.

I’m in Virginia, Bull Run Hunt territory.


Geneseo, NY. I have friends who hack over depending on where the hunt starts.

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Seems like it would be a nice way to take the edge off a new horse or to calm an over anxious one.


I know of some barns in Duchess County, NY, that hack to their hunts – unfortunately, that’s not been possible for me!