Hagyard Lexington Classic CSI3* tonight at Ky. Horse Park

Hello Lexington, Ky., readers! Come on out to the Ky. Horse Park tonight for the Hagyard Lexington Classic CSI3*. Last week’s CSI2* had 79 entries, and everyone came to win! 24 made it to the jump-off. The Lexington Classic is part of the Hagyard Challenge Series–the leading rider at the end of 7 grands prix wins $50,000, and the runner up gets $10,000. With one Challenge series win under his belt, Ramiro Quintana is the current leader. Come on out tonight–the weather is supposed to be perfect!

It’s been a great spring circuit in Kentucky and looking forward to the weekend wrap up… before we do it all over again in 2 weeks for Country Heir :slight_smile:

But gotta say, last week, I’m not so sure that 79 first rounds & 24 to jump off was super spectator friendly. It was a loooong night, when many folk have to be back at the barns at 6 am the next day. Do we know how many are on the starting list for tonight?