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Hair and helmets

I finally decided to stop borrowing helmets from my instructor and buy one the only problem is that I’m African american and my hair changes all the time and I find that a helmet that fits with one hair style won’t fit with another. Considering I’m not paying for my helmet I don’t want to buy two and switch back and forth but if I don’t I would have four months out of the year where my braids wouldn’t fit into my helmet. Help!

I would buy one that fits your head with the hairstyle you have most often. Some of the helmet brands are slightly adjustable which might help, too. Depending on the amount and thickness of your braids, you may have to have two helmets.

I would buy two cheaper schooling helmets in different sizes (cheaper does not mean less protection). You can buy two schooling helmets for under $100.

yes, i agree to measure your head when you style your hair the way you usually wear it. My Tipperary is awesome. it also comes with extra padding. but i am a white girl with flat thin hair. i am sure there are helmets that you can add or remove padding as you go.

Some helmets come with a “dial fit”, meaning there’s a band inside that sits snugly around your head… and it’s adjustable so that might work well for you.

How about buying a good CO that fits your regular style and then a cheap-o like a Troxel for when you have a different look? My riding kids had Troxels with a dial that would tighten them down or loosen them up. I had one family that actually had two kids sharing the same helmet and that worked because of the dial system. It was like custom fitting for each kid, just a little dial and a chinstrap adjustment.

There are dial-fit helmets like some other posters suggested. If you want to go the other end of the spectrum, some helmets like Samshield and Antares have many different thicknesses of padding that you can switch in and out.