Hair Nets

Anyone know where to find the heavy duty hairnets that seem to last for ages? All the ones stocked at Dover/Smart Pak/ etc rip after only a couple of uses (even ones labelled heavy duty) and are nowhere near the quality the ones I used to buy. Can’t seem to find much more than aerborn hair net or the one knot hair nets (which actually feel a little thicker than the others but the whole one knot thing weirdly throws me off). Any help would be appreciated

RWR hairnets are what all of our girls use. I think we’ve got one still going that’s at least 5 years old. They’re comfortable & durable, and they hold even super fine hair.

I’ve been buying Aerborn hairnets for fifteen years or so now. They’ve always worked for me, and I wear them every ride. I’ve had the same one in my helmet for a year-- no tears or snags.

Whoops-- I see they’re not getting the job done for you. Never mind!

I’ve bought several of the Aerborn hair nets. I too have bought the ones labeled on some sites as heavy duty that turn out to be the very thin variety. I’m trying to remember where I bought them last that were truly the heavy duty ones, but I can’t remember. If you have somewhere you can look in person, that would be ideal. Not only have those ones ripped, but they don’t work very well on my mess of hair.

I recently bought some of the one knot hair nets and they seem reasonably heavy duty, but I’m not sure of the brand without looking at the packaging, which is of course at the barn.

My RWR hairnet has lasted me over a year now with no rips, and it has not stretched out much. I adore it.

I also have a OneKnot. I like it enough that I would buy another as a back up or a “pony tail” hair net. It seems sturdy enough that I don’t see myself breaking it easily.

Try your local drug store. If that fails try Amazon. :slight_smile:

Another vote for the RWR hairnets - mine is 2 years old and still going strong

Thirding the RWR recommendation! I’d been an Aerborn user, and still keep a spare packet of them in my coat bag in case of hair emergency. But the girls at Dover the other year talked me into trying the RWR nets, and I haven’t looked back. Even when it’s a little shorter and layered like it is now, they work great and hold up really well. I keep a separate one for shows, but my daily one is well over a year old.

One knot hair nets changed my life! And rescued my forehead!

Totally agree with everyone…

RWR the way to go…

Thanks everyone! I ended up ordering all of the above. The airborne ones I had purchased and had seen at most tack shop were not the double thick kind so I’m giving those a shot too. Hopefully at least one of them will do the trick :slight_smile:

I have a medium to light brown one knot that I will gladly give away. It’s way too big for my head.

Absolutely love my RWR. But if you have a large-ish head, you may think it’s super tight.

I will never use anything other than an RWR ever again. These have NO knots, last FOREVER, can be washed and are super easy to use. I wear a hairnet every ride, so they get tons of use and just last and last and last, but most importantly, are comfortable.

(Note, I put mine on backwards from the instructions (with the binding side up instead of around my ears) but even with my super thick hair, I have no problems wearing it this way. )

You want to buy a slumber net not a hair net.

Or put 4 hair nets on!!!

[QUOTE=SuzieQNutter;8365145]You want to buy a slumber net not a hair net.

Or put 4 hair nets on!!![/QUOTE]

Nope. She wants to buy an RWR. (Real Women Ride). Best thing ever.

Edited to add: just looked up slumber net (I had never heard that before). While you might be able to get away with one of these, you most decidely do not want to go that route unless absolutely necessary.

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