I want to have my horses hair like this and I’m not sure how to go about it as I don’t want to cut their hair wrong or anything.

You want your horse to have eyebrows? :wink:

I think what you’re really asking is how to roach your horse. Like this?

You shave off the mane and let it grown back.

lol I did specify hair xD but eyebrows wouldn’t hurt either.

Thank you!

Fine to do this to your own horse. Don’t do it to anyone else’s though!

I roached my horse’s mane like that with scissors. I thought it looked quite sporty.

Yup, I roach my guy too. I start with scissors and then finish up with clippers. I let it grow out in the winter but come spring, off it goes!

You can roach with kitchen shears or get actual shears made for the job,
Or you can use clippers if you’re careful.
For the eyebrows you need a REALLY BIG Eyebrow Pencil* :lol:

*kidding & I hope you are too - those brows are one reason the Spirit movie makes me gag.
As if horses’ faces do not show enough expression without the cartoonish “artistic license” :mad: