Half Chap suggestions

I currently have a pair of the Ariat Volant (older style) half chaps. They just under a year and a half and already the zipper slides down while I ride, annoying to me, and the elastic is starting to tear from the leather. That be said its starting to annoy me enough I think its time to get a new pair. I am curious to know what peoples suggestions are. I am looking for leather only and a tall boot style chap while trying to stay in the $100 to $170 range if I can. I have had tredsteps before and I went through two pairs in two weeks, the quality was so poor I refuse to try again. So that being said anyone have any suggestions?

I was looking at the EGO7 Lyra half chaps, anyone have these?

Notwithstanding your above parameters, I come to praise the Tredstep Deluxes. They wear like iron, stay zipped, and don’t rub. I ride a lot, and I do wear through them eventually. But I find they hold up really well relative to the competition. The leather is thick and the elastic is high enough quality that it doesn’t stretch out over time. I assume they are not the Tredstep model that disappointed you in the quality department?

But I am not sure if they count as “tall boot style,” since they have side vs back zippers and have integrated stretch panels vs one piece of elastic. I think these are the features that make them work well as half chaps, but they also make them look like half chaps vs. boots.

Have you purchased a pair recently? I have FINALLY worn out my six year old pair. I found that the quality of Tredstep tall boots has really declined recenly.

When I purchased them was probably about 10 years ago. I did try their new style of tall boots a couple years ago and they were as disappointing as my first experience, which was a shame I really liked the look.

My current pair were purchased in the last year, but not super recently. I could be out of date. But I also think the Deluxe is just one of their better products. I tried their paddock and tall boots since I like the chaps so much, and found them both really disappointing.

All that I can tell you is that you should NOT get the Ariat Kendron chaps. I loved loved loved then for the first few months but they wore through really easily and there’s a large hole in one of mine after about a year. They are gorgeous, leather, exactly what you’re describing, but really are not durable at all.

They may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but ProChaps “The Fit” style half chaps are very durable and look nice as well. They also come in a bunch of different sizes.

ProChaps Fit

I have the Ariat Contour (I think?) ones that are smooth leather on the outside and the inside calf is more suede/rough out. I have abused them in all kinds of weather (snow, ice, stream crossings, monsoon season, ungodly Arizona summer heat, etc.) and they still look nice and the zippers work great.

The only problem is they zip from the bottom up. When I first got them, it was a hellish ordeal to contort my body and get the zipping process started. Even now, there are days when I simply dread putting them on because of that.

Just a tip for zipping the Contours (maybe you’ve tried it already, and hasn’t worked for you…):

Sit down.

Really; if you sit on a step or mounting block or whatever, it’s way easier to do that contortion.

A second for ProChaps. They’re the only brand I’ve used for about 15 years. They fit my chicken legs beautifully (I have been asked if they’re custom), and I get about 10 years out of a pair. I do have a second pair for winter that’s a size bigger to fit over my thicker breeches and socks. I have also shown at schooling shows in them as they look tidy enough.

Do your contours have the elastic strip next to the zipper? I have been looking at those chaps, but was worried that strip would give out. Thanks!

Well, here’s yet another example of learning something new every day. No, I hadn’t thought of this. Instead, I’ve been dancing around the tack room with myself.

Yes, there’s about an inch of heavy-duty stretchy material that runs alongside the zipper, separated by a pretty sturdy border. The elastic portion isn’t just tacked onto the zipper. I haven’t had an issue with it. But I also get my half chaps one size bigger in the calf than what I’d wear in a field boot, so that probably alleviates some stress on the elastic. I like a tidge of extra room in the calf because sometimes I’m wearing breeches and sometimes I’m wearing jeans, so I need to be able to accommodate my various wardrobe options. :laughing:

I have these and I love them. https://www.huntleyequestrian.com/products/half-chaps

Good enough! Thanks for the info!

Did you look at Petrie?
They make a half chap that looks like a tall boot.
I had my eye on them, and tried to find reviews.
Didn’t find any but Petries are supposed to be a quality product.

They are more than you want to spend, but don’t rule them out before you do your research.

I also liked that had many sizes. I think they would have actually fit me.

Good luck