Half chaps that fit over terrains?

Just got a pair of Terrains…and my half chaps don’t zip over them. Got a pair of Terrain half chaps in the bigger of 2 sizes, and while the half chaps are too big, I could BARELY zip them around my ankle. Which means that ordering the smaller size is probably futile.
Anybody got any other suggestions?

I’m using these with Terrains and have no issues with zipping them up. I’ve also thrown them in the washing machine and they come out looking new.


I use these (a slightly older version, but they look about the same) with my Terrains. And yes, they are machine washable.

I had a pair of the Dublin ones mentioned and they lasted forever! I usually ride in paddock boots and half chaps but for those times I wear my terrains, I’m going to get another pair.

Similar product to @furlong47 uses, I use the Dublin Easy Care half chaps with my Terrains. Bonus that they are machine washable.
The half chaps I use with my paddock boots will not fit over the Terrains.


I use the Terrain half chaps over my Terrain boots. When you first get them, you realy have to wrestle them to zip to the bottom but after about 10 or 15 rides they stretch enough to be no problem.

Thanks everybody!

Another option if you can figure out the size ahead of time is JustChaps. They are a British company, so returns are a problem, though. (I only know my size because I got my first pair at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.) They have a wide range of size options; I wear a short extra-wide, which is very hard to find in other brands.

The neoprene ones fit over my Terrains, and are nice and warm on a cold day.