Half Chaps

I’m on the search for a new pair of half chaps. I had a pair of the Ariat Close Contour(I believe that was the name, they’re no longer being made) that I LOVED. Unfortunately after 7 years the zipper broke and instead of paying to have it replaced I’m on the hunt for something new.

What is your favorite half chap out there for ~$150/$180? I’d like to stay away from anything custom for now. I prefer to have the gripper type of leather on the calf. What I loved about the pair I have is that the inside of the half chap was calf leather and very secure. I’ve got thick calves, so must have elastic and come in a 15.5-16.5" width. Thanks so much!


I like the Perri’s Professional ones, but I’m not sure if they’re what you want or not. They definitely come in bigger sizes though!

What is the length of your calf?

You might try Ovation, they have several models in many sizes.

They aren’t the most attractive, but imo they might have something to fit you.

I can’t recommend Treadstep which I liked, but the snaps came off the second time I wore them.

They seem to have some quality control issues. They may have improved since the time I bought mine.

I had my eye on the Petrie half chaps. They are more , about 239.00 but they look well made and they had the look I like.

There are some suede half chaps out there but I prefer leather.

Tredstep Deluxe. They come in heights, they come in widths (my calves are wider than yours) and they wear like iron. The outer part is stretchy and the inside is grippy.


A friend gave me a pair of her used ProChaps about 10 years ago and I still have them. I bought an additional pair just because they aren’t the best looking anymore, but they are stretchy as heck, no break in time, and are easy to care for (I just hose and go). These are the ones I get.

I had two pairs of these, black and brown, and agree, they wear like iron and since you can pick the height and width, it should be easy to find a pair that fit the OP. And I never had any problems with the snaps on either pair.

I like the Tredstep Deluxe too. I’ve had a snap go out after 2+ years of nearly daily use but I felt I got my value out of them by that point.

ProChaps are great and they come in a wide range of sizes.

I love my Pro Chaps, but the zippers won’t hold up. I’m on my second pair in 2 years. I’ve given up and going back to Tredstep Deluxe.

Have you tried searching on poshmark and ebay for them? Many times you can find them on there either new or used.

Another vote for Tredstep Deluxes.

Thanks all! I’m going to see if my local Dover has the Tredstep Deluxe in stock. I appreciate it!

I don’t have these, but some very similar ones by Ovation. For me, the most important feature is that they zip down and not up. I tried a pair once that zipped up, and couldn’t even get the zipper thingy inserted. It was so awkward. No thanks.