Halt Cribbing product by Carbolineum

There used to be a product called carbolineum halt cribbing and it was perfect. It came in brown black or clear. It came in a yellow and brown label gallon paint can and other sizes. I believe it is a coal tar derivative. If horses chew the bark off a tree it would preserve the life of the tree and keep the horse from chewing. I painted the inside of my horse stall liner boards and my pine tongue-and-groove Dutch doors with this stuff and it looks like a brown stain. It’s no longer available to my knowledge (in the US) and I’m wondering if anyone knows of an alternative product.

A company that promotes a product but does not know the difference between “cribbing” and “chewing wood”? As a replacement for creosote, the best I’ve found is simply used diesel oil, save it when the oil gets changed in your diesel engines, paint it on just like creosote. It works OK for most horses (but not all horses) to stop them from eating your fences or barn. It’s easy and cheap (free), has to be redone regularly. But of course, it does nothing for a horse who is a cribber, because that is an addiction to endorphine release, by a horse who is sensitive to the stresses they encounter in life, and has an addictive personality.

This is why I hesitate to post in these forms - because people get so testy. OK forgive the company on their problematic use of the word cribbing, this is an awesome product I’ve used it for 20 years. I don’t care how they label it - I bought it for chewing and it works for chewing. It’s not their main product, it’s just a side use of it off label, my neighbor who’s a horse trainer uses, it several people that we know use it successfully. Their main product is wood preservation this is a side gig for them (or was). The main thing is it will save your trees from dying and keep the horse from chewing due to taste

Not “testy” at all. Used diesel oil can be used instead, if you wish, if you are looking for something to replace this other product that is no longer available to you.

My point was… that a company that is promoting a product for which they have not researched the equine industry fully enough to know the difference between equine behaviours for which the products is promoted for, I find amazing. And questionable. And amusing. If you don’t, I guess we don’t share the same sense of humour.

You can still get it. Great stuff and I’m always surprised when people don’t know about it! Oops, I just saw it said “close out”. I got some from them not that long ago. I guess I’d better make it last. :frowning:


Don’t use diesel if beef cattle can get access to it, at least not in Australia, it is banned for beef cattle.

I saw it there too, thank you for sharing. It is close-out and out of stock. Everywhere I found it it was out of stock.

I found out that creosote has been outlawed for sale to average people, you have to get it from some kind of contractor in the company that makes this is no longer in business I couldn’t find any contacts for them that were still viable.

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Fencing companies can still get it and might apply it for you.