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Halter for Shows/Photoshoots - HELP!

Yes, another halter thread. I think I’ve visited most of them. Many times.

I’m looking for a classic halter and lead (Think Walsh Signature) with brass fittings, padded noseband, and fancy stitching in Havana. I have a Walsh triple-stitch as my everyday and I love the brand. But considering this is only a set that will be used for shows and pictures, I can’t stomach Walsh prices. Ideally, I’d like to stay around $200 or less.

Central KY, Tack Shack, and Quillins all don’t have fancy-stitch available.

Pup and pony Co. is SO CLOSE but they don’t have any available that are Havana with Brass fittings and no colored padding. My barn is very conservative so colored padding is a no go.

I’ve found some lower-end brands but I’d really prefer something a little nicer.

Can anyone help? I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and I’m so close to just sucking it up and buying Walsh.

Have you seen the Remarkable Leather Goods halters? No personal experience, but I believe the owner is on CoTH and the halters look lovely.


Have you reached out to these guys to enquire if something custom is possible? Quillin does stuff regularly that’s outside of what you see on their website. You might be able to get exactly what you want, if you just ask.


Ooh, these do look beautiful! Thank you!

I haven’t but that’s a good call. Thanks!

We have a halter from The In Gate that we really like. They also sell leather leads with or without a chain.

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very true, they will customize their halters, we have several that were built specific to our guidelines …and done quickly without drama

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Yep, I believe this is a COTHer’s daughter and every pic I’ve seen of her leather goods are… well, remarkable! I’m out of horses, but when I get a dog… we’re getting one of those collars when it’s done growing.


@Laurierace - Is Remarkable Goods yours or your daughters? If so can you share any info on the fancy stitched halters with the OP?

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Thanks for the tag, I am enjoying Wellington too much to check the forum too often these days. Anyway, Remarkable Leather Goods is my idea but my daughter’s business. I am just the proud, supportive mom.
The only fancy stitch halters we carry are the padded halters but you can get Havana with Havana padding for example so it looks like a solid color. Or you can go all out and design one in your barn colors. All the padded halters are made to order so can be customized any way you like but that takes time so if you are in a hurry it may not work. Feel free to reach out to Olivia@remarkableleathergoods.com if you have questions about options and time lines for delivery.

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