Halter Name Plates

Your favorite place to order halter name plates?

I am needing one for a 1 inch halter and one for a 3/4 halter. I’d like the fancy rounded ends.

I stopped by a name plate booth at QH Congress and they wanted $18 for one plate, you attach it yourself and I felt that was a bit pricy for what I was getting.

Definitely pricy. My smartpak and dover ones run $12 or so (and free to have them put on a new purchase from them) and have held up for years. In the past we took stuff to a leather repair place and he’d put them on for us for a small fee (we had to bring the plates). Haven’t gotten plates anywhere else though, just $18 seems exorbitant.



I second haltertags.

I buy mine from Endless Creations, which is a local shop that has a presence on eBay and I think Etsy. These are not big fancy heavy-weight Quillins plates, as you can imagine from the price, but they ship quickly, she has a lot of options, and she’s really easy to work with. I’m a repeat customer.

Halter Tags for sure, but oh my god it will take them forever to turn your order around. And don’t get me wrong, it’s still worth it. And they’re always super nice if you reach out to check on your order. But right now I have an open order for two dog tags that I placed on May 9th that is still awaiting fulfillment so, consider yourself warned, lol. That said, they do excellent engraving that really holds up at outstanding prices.


WOW. I ordered halter tags and itty bity bridle tags last year and it was longer than some places but not that bad and the quality is incredible. 4 months is a little ridiculous.

I used to get around the extreme wait times by ordering through their eBay shop. I think they prioritize those orders… not sure if they’re even still around on eBay but I would 100% be cancelling an order from MAY. OMG.

That being said, I have never found another company to compare to the quality of HalterTags.com. I know they are providing tags now for some other companies so that may be why their one-off orders aren’t a priority?

Yeah, comparing a Smartpak etc halter plate to a Haltertags.com one is comical. The latter plates are thicker, engraving deeper, they’re just much better quality!

oh wow. I ordered blanket tags from them this spring and it was maybe 2 weeks before I had them delivered.

I have not seen them on Ebay

I love The Engraver. They are local so I just saw them at Dressage at Devon. They have some very nice halters, bracelets, purses etc…

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There are quite a few sellers on etsy. This one is reasonable, with shipping included in the price.

Another vote for haltertags.com. Their tags are the best. I find an email check-in can speed them up if the order isn’t fulfilled in a week or so.

Also a haltertags.com fan. Super deep engraving, dark font, and just a nice plate. Doesn’t scratch up like a lot of other plates do.

I have an award halter from dover with a dover plate and I love the halter, but the plate is scratched up and you can barely read the engraving anymore. It’s an everyday leather halter so it gets used but my other geldings halter with the haltertags.com plate still looks awesome.

My friend owns https://www.engravingspot.com/ named after her dear horse Tommy who lived to be 42 years old! His picture is on her website.

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These look nice! I’ll have to check them out for next time.