Handy Things for Horse Camping/Travel with your horse

What items do you really like to have?

I like having saddle stands to put in the back of the trailer once I have arrived.

My horse eats from a big hay net.

I am thinking I’d really like to get some good quality hay bale bags since the hay is transported in the trailer tack room any recommendations gladly accepted.

Seems like you can’t have too much rope.

This last trip my friend brought a yeti style cooler and it was fantastic. It kept all of our food and drinks cold for 3 full days. A battery fan for my tent was great too.

Definitely headlamps! so helpful when checking horses at night and keeping hands free for chores

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Make sure that hay is allowed. In many places in my state only pellets are allowed so you need to adjust your feed before traveling. I really miss those days and hope you have a great time.

Duct tape is always handy,

I keep a handful of those plastic stackable footstools in the back of the truck.

They take up very little room and they’re super handy for keeping things off the ground outside, using as a night table or even sitting on if people show up to socialize without chairs : )

Clothesline and clothes pins.

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Some sort of foldable wheelie cart for dragging crap back and forth from your trailer to the horses