Hanoverian jumper stallions with exceptional movement

Hey everyone!
Need to pick COTHers brains…
I have been focusing heavily on Dressage and breeding for Dressage for the past 10 years so im not up on my jumping studs at all anymore, and i usually don’t pay much attention to registry, i just pick a match based on conformation, movement, height, temperament, etc.

What Hanoverian jumper stallion(s) would you recommend that add height, have stellar brains but also have excellent movement and could easily cross over into the Dressage ring? Frozen preferred.

FRH Gentleman? An eventing stallion but not strictly a show jumper. Contendro and sons.

I have a leggy jumper bred stallion, DSP Lord Latino, (by Lord Latino x Quidam’s Rubin) which won his licensing in Germany and is approved for Hannover, Westfalia, Rhineland, DSP, Oldenburg,… foals on the ground in Europe are just starting to compete and they are also excelling in dressage! His first foals in the US were born in 2022. He is so easy to ride that I decided to enter USDF for the first time ever and got my bronze in just two shows with him! he’s had confirmed pregnancies with frozen collected in the US. https://www.selectbreeders.com/stallions/5221-a-lord-latino-ex-little-fauntleroy

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Diacontinus, Viscount, and Vidar spring to mind!

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cough, cough Fabriano - yes I know you said you wanted something to add height, but are you looking for 17hh kind of height (if so, disregard)? He consistantly throws amazing temperaments and is definitely good in both rings, in my opinion.

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I don’t think anyone anywhere has any Fabriano left, i’m afraid. :wink:

Beau Balou
Don Quichot
EH Herzensdieb (approved Hano)
Coeur D’Amor
Possibly Apiro

Also, some mares throw their size so that would also be dependent on the mare :wink:

Oh I forgot - Valentino and Toronto. Despite Toronto being known as a jumper sire he did sire a horse competing in the Olympics in Tokyo in dressage.

I’ll PM you…

I’ve seen some lovely Viscount offspring that jump. Kind of huntery jump. The offspring are large, but I don’t know the marelines to know if Viscount threw it or the mares.

The bottom side of this stallion has horses who have produced nice hunters.

As an aside, Natalie at Hilltop is wonderful at mare X stallion matching…

A friend has a lovely mare by this stallion. Her mare won an award from the AHS ( can’t remember what it is called) for the highest mare test score for a 3 year old mare. Her trainer really loves this mare and is doing really well showing her. Now the dam has been a remarkable producer but this mare is special. I don’t think she was a really flashy foal but she is shining under saddle.