Happy about the farm - 2 months in, an update for anyone curious

TLDR: miserable buying experience, rough first few months - two months in and I’m starting to be glad we did it

I’ve started to make the changes here that shape this farm into our farm. My horses are truly happy for the first time since I’ve owned them. I’ve created a semi-paddock paradise (working on one last segment) and my finicky, cribbing, only 4 hour turnout guy is finally happy on 24-7 (they do come in to eat grain).

I have happy, paying, on-the-same-page boarders. I booted the few troublemakers right away. My barn is full with a waiting list. I’ve started to give lessons again (after 20 years of being an ammy again), and oddly enough, it is super satisfying.

Yes, we have a million projects still and I still have a day job, but I am so grateful for this strange little property. It’s eclectic but so am I. I finally feel home, after 30 years of wandering. This may not be our last farm, but I am so so glad we did it.

Figured y’all might want an update.

And no, it hasn’t been cheap and every day I do swear about something unexpected (wasps in the faucet handle was my latest excitement). But it feels right. And listening to my boarders and lesson students say that it’s the first place they have ever felt at home and happy, plus watching the contented horses, is worth every ulcer that buying the place gave me. I want to pinch myself every single day.

Thanks for the jingles, good thoughts, and encouragement. This venture has been so worth it!


Love happy updates! Thanks for letting us know that it is working out.

Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing!

Great update, thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for updating! I’m happy for you!!

Lovely update. Pictures? The first while in a new place is often rough… getting things the way you want them. It gets easier.

What a great update. So many times we appreciate it more ( in the end) when things don’t come easy :slight_smile: