Hard case for western hat

Hi. My boyfriend needs a case for his western hat (well he doesn’t know it yet- I’m going to get it as a present for him). Looking for something reasonably rugged to keep hat protected when traveling (by car). I have seen prices ranging from just south of $40.00 to $70 and above. I will need to order this online so I won’t be able to check it out prior. Can anyone recommend a good hard case for western hat preferably not super expensive (though I’m willing to pay more for better quality). Thanks in advance for any wisdom on the topic.


This is similar to what I have - and comes in a ton of different colors.

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Thanks, I certainly like the price!!! Is it relatively rugged/squash proof? Not planning to sit on it, at least not on purpose, but I think the case should be rigid and tough. Funny you should mention that it comes in lots of different colors. My boyfriend’s favorite “color” is black. So it has to be black. But if I were getting one for me, I’d pick a pretty color!!!

Those are the kind that I have, but if he has a big head with a wider brim, those may distort the shape of his hat. one of the square ones are less likely to affect the shape.

Yes. They are durable. Mine get bounced around in the trailer and never had one break or not protect the hat.
Just make sure you adjust it properly so it holds the hat suspended in the air and not leaning on the brim.

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