Harrisburg Livestream anywhere?

I found Medal Finals on USEF network. Any other options for the rest of the show anyone has found. I can’t find it on CMH or Horse and Country but I can’t seem to find anything there.

The Chronicle’s “What You Need to Know” says Horse & Country, but you need a subscription. The Medal and Junior Jumper Champs will be on USEF Network. It starts tomorrow.

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Thanks. Very odd only Maryland 5* is advertised on the H&C website. I do have a subscription so I’ll check it out tomorrow.

I have a subscription but it says Locked and won’t let me in

The two rings are live streamed on H&C. I got in with my normal log-in info/subscription.

Can you watch replays anywhere?

Does anyone know when the first junior jumper phase is supposed to start? I think it’s supposed to be on USEF Network.

ETA: Never mind. The USEF stream started and they said 6:30 PM.

If you have a H&C subscription you can search for and watch individual rounds as replays.

How? I was trying to find some replays from Pennsylvania and saw nothing. Do they show up later?

Junior Team and Individual Jumper classes are up for replay on USEF

Order for tomorrow’s finals is posted!


The Junior Jumper Championship is live now on USEF Network.

Good lord,there are over 200 entries in the Medal tomorrow.

223 Entries in the Medal. :flushed:
Oliver Kennedy and Diane Carney will be the commentators.

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That’s about right. I think I remember ~258 one recent year. It basically takes 12 hours. The commentators usually start up with the second round although I may be confusing this with the Maclay.

Well, it’s time for the annual pancakes and Medal Finals watch chez Renn. My barn is going up with some of the juniors but I didn’t really think that those younger students deserved having to deal with my particular brand of “I’m going to sit here and keep a card for the whole thing and then dissect the test the entire drive home.” So, couch it is. :slight_smile: USEF Network and the free live streams of major events like this are the #1 value that USEF provides to me, a broke amateur with a retired horse, and this is such a fabulous educational opportunity.


Sounds like TJ O’Mara is in the commentator box too? The course already seems like it’s rewarding forward riding.