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Harwood saddle

Any thoughts on the worth of a true Dale Harwood saddle, tooled and with silver? Ball parkish? I don’t have any photos presently.

$4k to $25k, depending on the condition and specs.

Yeah that’s what I was afraid of :joy:

Possibly more if it is new and heavily tooled. He no longer makes saddles. Absolutely positively not less than $4k.

It’s quite old, done in the 70’s.
I used to live in Idaho Falls and Trails End was our saddle shop, this particular saddle was my instructor’s. It would be incredible to own it but I’m afraid it’s probably not going to be a possibility for me. $$$

It won’t hurt to ask. It could be that the owner is concerned about it having a good home, and you certainly have the history to value it. Give it a try and good luck!