Has anyone added carpet tiles to their trailer dressing room walls?

I just bought an Equi-Trek and the wall of the dressing room is behind the horses, since they travel backwards.

It’s a huge wall but only has 5 hooks on it, so I’m installing a Gladiator Gear Track system to hang things from. However, I don’t want the noise of things clanking against the wall to bother the horses during travel.

Has anyone added thin stick-on carpet tiles to a dressing room wall? It seems like the perfect solution, but I’m not sure how well the adhesive will hold up. I’m looking at indoor/outdoor tiles and each tile only weighs 4oz, but I don’t know if the glue was designed to hold things vertically when stored in a hot trailer.

Any experience?

I added some tiles that I had picked up at a Big lots. Overall, I like them. They have held up with all the crazy weather we get here in washington and it reduces the noise. I do wish I got thicker ones though. I did not add any special glue, just the stuff that was already on the tiles. They are a pain in the butt to get straight and cut to make it seamless though.

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I wonder if the thicker ones would be too heavy for the adhesive? The ones I’m looking at have a .25" pile.

We hung pieces of carpet remnants behind all that was hung on the trailer bridle racks.
Cheap bath or kitchen or entrance mats of the right size would also work.

They kept bridles with bits from banging around.
Those are hanging loose, so more cushion than something glued on the wall, easier to replace.


I put up carpet squares on my trailer wall. I definitely used extra adhesive to hold mine up as it was clear they were not going to stay up otherwise (they were curling at the corners). The adhesive I used varied to whatever I found in the garage - old epoxy, super glue, etc.

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I glued carpeting to my tack room walls. Get liquid nails at Home Depot. Stuffs amazing

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Thanks for the tip!

I bought the indoor/outdoor carpet tiles with adhesive backing from Lowe’s, I put them on both the floor (hated the rubber mat) and the wall, to keep bridles and bits from banging. I think I had one fall down initially, but I put it back up and smashed it on really well, and haven’t had any come loose since.

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Could even just hang a rug, honestly.

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Just an update: I added Gladiator racks and carpet tiles this weekend and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.




Where did you get the carpet tiles?

Wayfair. Very inexpensive. https://www.wayfair.com/home-improvement/pdp/albero-valley-24-x-24-level-loop-peel-and-stick-carpet-tile-w003417354.html

@SBrentnall thanks!

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