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Has anyone dealt with a Corpus Hemorrhagicum?

I am a novice breeder and I have my Hanoverian broodmare at a broodmare farm with knowledgeable people. I was told my mare had a large follicle and they were hoping to breed her earlier this week, however on U/S, it was noted she had a corpus hemorrhagicum. The vet said it was like a bruise and they have to treat it because she wont make progesterone. (I don’t know if I have this right) I have googled CH and read everything I could, but I don’t exactly understand what I am reading.

I have some questions to anyone who knows about this or has dealt with it.
Is this common? And do mares that have this that are short cycled get in foal? How many cycles does it take?
Is the mare more at risk when they have this of further complications? Twins?
Would I be better off not trying to breed this mare and buy something else?

I have brain deficits and I have some difficulty processing what I have read and how it applies in real world scenarios.

Thank you in advance for helping me and educating me.

Hi Zuri,

If your on Facebook there is a group that is set up for this type of question. Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/EquineRepro/

Good luck with your mare.

Thank you for the link. I will pose my question there as well. I was just wondering if anyone successfully bred their mare after this diagnosis. Thanks so much.

If you want to PM me your real name I will add you to the group linked above assuming you are on FB. That really is the place to get your question answered.

It sounds like the mare ovulated, formed a CH (normal) and cannot be short-cycled until the CL (corpus luteum) forms. She probably ovulated sooner than they expected.
Welcome to breeding!!!

the corpus hemorrhagicum is the precursor to the corpus lutem.

ovulation–>CH–>CL–>pregnancy or regression of the CL