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Has anyone heard of the TB mare "Tinkly Bly"

I’m going to look at a horse on Monday, and was taking a look at her lines. The horse I’m going to look at is out of “Bucks Lucky Star” who traces back to the mysterious “Tinkly Bly.” https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/bucks+lucky+star2

I’m just curious if anyone had ever heard of Tinkly Bly.

Whoever entered the pedigree into allbreedpedigree site made an error. The thoroughbred mare’s name is Tinky Bly 1974 chestnut mare (Bold Hemp x Hi Brynn). Here’s a link to Bucks Lucky Star pedigree on pedigreequery thoroughbred site:

Interesting and kind of obscure old style pedigree. It is rather uncommon to see a modern thoroughbred pedigree that lacks any of the major commercial sires of our times. The mare you are looking is a 2000 model, so 23 years old. The picture of her on the pedigree site is small and might be old, but she looks lovely. May I ask what you hope to do with her?

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Ahh! Thank you! I had never seen a “dead end” on a pedigree before, so was really curious.

The mare I’m looking at is actually out of Bucks Lucky Star (the linked pedigree) - it looks like this is the correct pedigree for her (with Tinky Bly instead if Tinkly Bly). https://www.pedigreequery.com/star+of+hills

I’m looking for a versatile, happy to give everything a shot type of horse. I lost my mare a couple of years ago, so I’ve been out of horses for a bit. Back then I was doing mostly dressage, and had hoped to do some beginner eventing. I think now I’ll probably do mostly trail riding, but want a horse that is game to try anything.

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