Has anyone tried stem cells for a hip tear?

I am 46 and have fairly chronic hip pain if I do anything. I am not ready for a hip replacement. Was going to look into a stem cell injection but want first hand accounts before talking with a doctor. Thanks

What condition are you dealing with? Arthritis? Labral tear? Dysplasia?

I’ve used PRP quite successfully for a labral tear. It’s been far more successful than the surgery on the opposite hip. PRP is quite a bit less expensive than stem cell, and might be something for you to try first.

Pretty sure it is a tear but have not done any diagnostics yet. I will look into PRP. Thanks

Labral tears are common incidental findings and often do not need surgical correction. Working through your conservative options before choosing surgery can be a very wise way to proceed.

Best of luck!

That is exactly why I have not bothered with diagnostics and seeing an Ortho - always seem they push for surgery. I tore a meniscus a few years back and was told I needed surgery, that it would not heal on it is own. I declined surgery and it is 100% now which I am sure would not be the case if I had surgery!